あい / Ai
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Ai 23

Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday July 1st[1]
Birthplace Dream World[2]
Hobby Cooking
Likes Cute things
Dislikes Thunder
pop'n music éclale
Theme Song(s)
オトカドール ~このゆびとまれ~

Ai is a character first appearing in Otoca♥D'or, making her pop'n music debut in pop'n music éclale.


Ai has light blue eyes and pink hair with a peach colored ombré, decorated with a large bow. Her attire consists of a pink dress with short white puffy sleeves, a white petticoat, a large dark pink bow on the chest, and several smaller bows near the bottom. Underneath she wears white tights with pink lace-up shoes. She carries a pink and white baton with a heart shaped gem.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  I'll decide it
Damage  It's no use~
Good Play  Exciting~♪
Bad Play  Seriously~
Win  I did it~!
Lose  *sobs*...

Character IntroductionEdit

Character InfoEdit

pop'n music éclale[3]
Ai 23 Profile いつもあかるく元気いっぱいな女の子。


A bright and always energetic girl.

I love cute things, and even cooking!


  • Ai has no 2P palette.
  • Both in-game and on her card her birthday is displayed as "???", but the official pop'n music éclale site shows that it's July 1.
  • Ai's animations are mostly 3D, while her Win and Lose animations are animated in the standard 2D style.
  • The Otoca♥D'or characters Seina and Sunny appear in Ai's Lose and Win animations. Nyandora appears in her Win animation and as her second Chara-Pop icon.
  • Ai's name is Japanese for love.


See Ai/Gallery

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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  2. BEMANIWiki éclale Card List Vol. 3
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