• Badeffect

    I'm Back

    November 18, 2016 by Badeffect

    Will update this blog with any new song translations I create
    Anime Heroine:

    A girl opens her magic door and love breaks out. No matter when, in it are magical powers that'll grant you lovely dreams.
    Then, right there - "I love you" If you're in my dreams again, I'll meet you. It's strange, romantic love My heart's on little adventures My thoughts shaking, I've got to tell you my crush.
    A girl opens her magic door and a spell is put on her. No matter what, in it are magical powers that'll send a lovely future your way. Hehehe.

    Doboku Rock (Long):

    Yes, I'll get right to it! Helmet's good to go?! (yeah!) Chin strap's good to go?! (yeah!) Safety belt's good to go?! (yeah!) Are you good to go?! (yeah!)
    Got your helmet?! (oh yeah!) Got your chi…
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  • ΜΖD


    August 15, 2016 by ΜΖD

    Well now that there's a small amount of other people here other than myself, I figured I can finally make this blog.

    Anyways I'm looking for some constructive criticism. This for anything here really: the overall design, color choices, layouts, infoboxes, main page, categorizing, gallery pages, etc literally everything.

    I want to make this a wiki that other people enjoy reading as well, and so far I've been designing it how I want it which isn't really the best idea. I know some pages are kinda all-over-the-place from me changing my mind a million times and such, but you can of course just browse around and get an idea of stuff. Once again don't be afraid to be critical, the more feedback you have the better!

    Totes just give me some …

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