ボウイ / Bowie

Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday April 21st[1]
Home United Kingdom[2]
Hobby Collecting games. I have games from all over the world! (CS1)[2][3] I've been getting so many shitty games lately (CS2)[4] I think I'll make something of my own (CS3)[4]
Likes I've been into old games lately! (CS2)[4] I heard he got a girlfriend! (CS3)[4] It's still online games! (CS6)[5]
Dislikes Stubborn people[2]
pop'n music CS
Bemani Pocket pop'n music
pop'n music 2 CS
pop'n music !!
pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC
pop'n music GB
pop'n music 5 CS
pop'n music 6
pop'n music 6 CS
pop'n music Best Hits!
Theme Song(s)
MZD MOMMY, tera (PM6), アオニサイ and NATSU (BH)

Boy is a character first appearing in the CS version of pop'n music. He is a shut-in innovator and collector who earned a great reputation with women after winning a game tournament, only tailed by Sylvie after inadvertently humiliating him in the same competition.


Boy is a bowl-haired British man never seen without 3D glasses or a suit, of which took a flashy turn in pop'n music Best Hits!. For the most part, his color schemes are based on that of game consoles; his debut representing a Famicom and Game & Watch, his 2P from the same game a Game Boy, etc.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  Bleep bleep~
Damage  Speechless!
Good Play  Groovy!
Bad Play  Wha-?
Win  Hehee~
Lose  (shaking)

Character IntroductionEdit

Character InfoEdit

pop'n music CS[2]
CS1 Boy 3Dメガネが大のお気に入りで、


The 3D glasses are a favorite of his,

making everything he sees red and blue. Do yellow bananas look red too?

pop'n music 1-4 Webpage[3]
Boy CS1 Selection Go 3Dめがねが大のお気に入り!!


The 3D glasses are a favorite of his!!

All you can see is red and blue! Do yellow bananas end up looking red too?!

pop'n music 2 CS[6]


He outdid himself at the summer break game tournament! He even got super popular with the art school girls.

But someone who lost to him in the first game is aiming for revenge?!

pop'n music 3 APPEND DISC[7]
今年の冬は家族でスイス旅行なんだって。「クリスマスは静かなほうがイイからね」 I heard that his family's traveling to Switzerland this winter. "Don't you think Christmas is better quiet?"

pop'n music GB[8]
アートスクールの女の子に大人気のボウイ。ゲームがとっても上手なんだ! Boy's popular with the art school girls because he's really good at video games!

pop'n music 5 CS[9]


He's been super into online games lately.

I heard he plays all day long.
But it's important that he attends the Pop'n Party!!

pop'n music 6[10]

24V駆動(単三電池20本分) でどんなゲームも動く最強マシンだ。

He got invited to Piko Pako Sound, an advanced arcade everybody's talking about.

These days he's been showing off his Hyper-Handy Game Machine - it's called the "Ultra Boy Advance."
It's the most powerful machine operating any game on a 24V drive (20 AA batteries).

pop'n music 6 CS[5] and pop'n music Best Hits![11]


A gifted gamer from the United Kingdom.

These days he's been going on about the power-ups for his self-made game machine, I heard.
It looks like his so-called rival Sylvie challenged him to a match.

Designer CommentsEdit

pop'n music 6[10]
Pop Beats Boy ジャンルが確定した段階で登場決定とあいなったボーイ、何故アーケード初登場になったかって?それはスタッフがみんなボーイ好きだったからなのさ(マヂ)


In the middle of figuring out what Boy's genre was going to be, we realized this was going to be his first arcade appearance. It's because the staff all loved Boy (really?)

But we were very surprised to see this suspicious character was getting a song outside of the CS versions! (All the staff members were surprised) I thought I felt my heart pounding a little trying to not make the CS staff mad...
Anyway, the movements turned out pretty good - check out the Battle, Dance and Ojama.


pop'n music Best Hits![11]
8 3boy1

8 3boy2



Fantastic... I don't suppose you could let me change his costume...? His original, great design just puts pressure on me. Not to mention it's tough to balance out. I did my best, but nothing's really changed, has it? He's relieved himself of his suitcase to try and throw together matcha.

I also made him a bunch of other colors. It's burning half-way. I like the one in the top-right corner myself. Looks yummy... the 1P's dotted clothes ended up getting NATSU in trouble when time came around to do the animations and the pattern was jumbled up. I'm sorry (embarassed). I was so going to draw him up a suitcase back there too. (Aonisai)

Up until now we made all of Boy's animations as similar as possible to his older ones. I was gonna slap a twinkle onto his 3D glasses for his bouts of victory, but people probably wouldn't notice it. A triumphant feeling welling up inside Boy - I'm kinda likin' it. (laughs) (NATSU).


  • Boy shares his birthday with Romeo.
    • His birthdate was modeled after the day the Game Boy initially launched, the handheld additionally inspiring Boy's name and character.
  • Boy's portrait for pop'n music 6's Pop Beats was reworked in the home version to avoid legal issues concerning the Game Boy Advance in his hand.
  • Sylvie appears behind Boy in his FEVER! Win animation for Pop Beats.

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