セリカ / Serika

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Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday January 15th[1]
Home Fukuoka?[2]
Hobby beatmania IIDX, drawing
Likes Mentaiko,[3] baked sweet potatoes
Dislikes Scratches from cats, dieting
Relatives Erika (twin sister)
pop'n music Sunny Park
Theme Song(s)

Celica is a character from beatmania IIDX, making her pop'n music debut in pop'n music Sunny Park. Her full name is Celica Mizushiro (水城セリカ Mizushiro Celica), and she is a college student at the M college of arts, studying stage production. She grew up in Fukuoka, but currently resides in Tokyo and enjoys hanging out with her twin sister Erika, though the two are unaware of their true relationship. She's 20 years old with type AB blood, and likes computers, eurobeat, and rings. She detests cats.[4]


Celica has long pink hair in two twintails, pink eyes, and wears a white uniform top with gold decorations, a black belt, and a white skirt with pink lining and sides. On the back is a large dark gray ribbon with a rabbit tail, and her socks are also dark gray with blue, pink, and yellow stripes and brown shoes. Her hat is white with rabbit ears.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  I won't lose!
Damage  Kyaaah!
Good Play  Jump!
Bad Play  Ouch!
Win  Yeah
Lose  No more...

Character IntroductionEdit

Character InfoEdit

pop'n music Sunny Park[5]
Celica 21 Profile ふと知り合った永遠の少年を名のるサングラスに短パンの人。話していたらいつの間にか、


I unexpectedly met the person in shorts and sunglasses claiming to be an eternal boy. I spoke too soon,

the Pop'n World is another world! Huh? Why the military uniform? Why the robots? Why am I in space!?

Designer CommentsEdit

pop'n music Sunny Park[5]

セリカ(宇宙セリカですが(笑))初登場ということで、高まりゅ!と楽しんでやらせて頂きました! ポップンのお手伝いは久しぶりだったので、中々に大変…。 宇宙セリカの足をポップン用にリファインしたり、 宇宙ロボット(名称:ルルクウサーヌ)を描いたり、 グルグルしたり。僕も(〆切で)グルグルしたり高まりました。 曲ではやっぱり「きーみにーきづいてほしーこいすーるうーちゅうせんそうー~♪」のメロディが秀逸だと思います。 ノリノリっぷりが好きです。ハイッ!ハイッ!HIGH!

Not yet translated.


  • Celica shares her birthday with Yayako. In-game her birthday is displayed as ?月?日.
  • Celica is one of the few crossover characters to be given a 2P palette.


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