ハッシュマン / Hasshuman

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Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday When was it~? (November 23rd)[1]
Home Where was it~?[2]
Hobby Dancing with my homemade drum
Likes Something shiny I found on the beach
Dislikes What was it~?
pop'n music Portable 2
Theme Song(s)

Hushman is a character first appearing in pop'n music Portable 2; he can also be unlocked in pop'n music 20 Fantasia. Once a stowaway, he was the sole, unbalanced occupant of an island in the ocean, until Mimi and Nyami rescued him before inviting him to the Pop'n Party.


Hushman's defining feature are the ash-pink dreadlocks covering his body, which he tames with a blue headband. He has dark brown skin, white-framed butterfly sunglasses and a fire-blowing pipe sticking out of his locs. Hushman is dressed only in ripped white shorts fastened with blue and pink beads, cutting away in a multi-colored cloth. He wears red, blue and green bands around his ankle and wrists, and a key slung around his neck. Hushman usually carries a green, homemade drum.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  (flames)
Damage  ×!?◎*~
Good Play  (pipe bubbling)
Bad Play  (tumbling)
Win  Shiny! ★
Lose  (grumbling and a puff of smoke)

Character IntroductionEdit

Character InfoEdit

pop'n music Portable 2[3]
Hushman PSP2 Profile 太陽照らす大海原に小さな島があったとさ。


The sun glimmered on a small island in the ocean.

"Hey, hey!" A shaggy-haired, drum-playing and pipe smoking guy came in dancing!

Designer CommentsEdit

pop'n music Portable 2[3]


こんがり焼けたチョコレート色のお肌に足まで伸びたドレッドがチャームポイントのハッシュマンです。 はるか南の孤島で一人、タイコのリズムを刻みながらのんきに暮らしています。

当初は色々アイデア出ししている中で現在の形より人間ぽい「ドレッド先生」に落ち着いていたのですが、 南国ぽさをもうちょっと押し出したかったので「先生」部分要らないんじゃないかという気持ちになって ほとんどドレッドでちょっぴり足が出てるだけ、になりました。 ビーチのじりじり照りつける日差し対策としてはちょうど良さそうですよね!

masaruさんとwacさんのご希望でカッコイイところもチラチラ出しています。 ドレッドの中は、イケメンだった…  メガネを取ったらカワイイ子、的なベタな感じがたまりません!

頑張ってクリアして、勝ちアニメで南国のカレとバカンスを楽しんでください♪ (ちっひ)

With summer a day away, since Shio asked me whether I preferred the tropics or the cosmos...

I went with a vacation in the tropics!

Hushman's charm points are the dreads that reach his feet and his well-done, burnt chocolate skin. There's just one person on the island in the far south - and he's living without a care in the world, playing a rhythm with his drum.

Out of all the different ideas we had, I initially settled on what appeared to be a human "dread teacher" for the final product. But because of the seemingly tropical atmosphere, I decided we didn't need the "teacher" part in the long run. We then came up with dreads just a smidgen away from reaching the feet. The other idea was skin baked by the beach's sun rays just enough to look good!

And just as Masaru and Wac wished, I made him peeking around in a cool place. Beneath those dreads was a handsome man... Once the cute boy's glasses are taken off, what's behind can't be ignored!

Do your best and please enjoy his tropical vacation in the Win animation ♪



  • Hushman shares his birthday with Fumihiko-san.
    • His birthday represents the release date of pop'n music Portable 2.
  • One of the events in Party Mode from Portable 2 is socializing Hushman and helping him recollect his memory. His background is described here, including his presence on Hara=Hetta's ship,[4] and at one point he asks Tetra if she could be his girlfriend.[5]
    • During the latter, his sprite switches to his alternate portrait, which signals his second personality. Strangely, he changes to his 2P colors in the process.
    • The key in his Win animation opens one of Hara=Hetta's treasure chests.[4][5]
  • Hushman has a split personality. He is predominantly uncouth and speaks in a Tōhoku dialect. Once he puts up his hair, his "clean" half is turned over, dropping the dialect and making him a suave narcissist who uses the oresama pronoun over his usual ora.

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