Ibuki Izumi
和泉一舞 / Izumi Ibuki
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Ibuki Izumi 21

Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday September 10th[1]
Home Hinatabi Shopping District[2]
Hobby Singing anime songs
Likes My close childhood friend Marika
Dislikes Rural is really not a good word
pop'n music Sunny Park
pop'n music ラピストリア
pop'n music éclale
pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢
Theme Song(s)

Ibuki Izumi is a character from HinaBitter♪, making her pop'n music debut in pop'n music Sunny Park. She is the daughter of the Izumi Couture clothing shop owner and a sophomore student at Hinatabi High. She likes karaoke, fashion, accessories, anime songs, and Vocaloid songs. She's rather irritable and gets embarrassed when Marika Yamagata, her childhood friend, calls her Eve (イブ Ibu). She's friends with Rin Shimotsuki, Meu Meu, and Sakiko Kasuga. Ibuki plays the bass guitar and provides vocals.[4][5]


Ibuki's hair is dyed blonde and messy with a small braid across the front, and her eyes are light brown. She wears a uniform with a white collared top and rolled up sleeves and a red plaid skirt, with a pink sweater tied at her waist. She has green earrings, a purple and black bracelet, and white socks with gray shoes.

NET Taisen Lines

Attack  Let's go!
Damage  Wait, stop
Good Play  It's a good feeling
Bad Play  That's different!
Win  Hehee~♪
Lose  (`Д´*)

Character Introduction

Character Info

pop'n music Sunny Park[6]
Ibuki Izumi 21 Profile 日向美商店街の洋服屋さんちのスタイル抜群のギャル。


A gal with preemptive style from the clothing store in the Hinatabi Shopping District.

Her sensitive and fashionable bass technique must be seen!

Designer Comments

pop'n music Sunny Park[6]
ファッションリーダー・ひなビタ~♪ イブ様のアニメを担当させていただきました。

いよいよフルアルバムも発売間近で楽しみですね~。 個性豊かなバンドメンバーが協力して曲を作るってとってもとってもすてきです。

バンドリーダーというかお世話役・・・?強気でへたれ・・・??な アンビバレンツでキュートなイブ様の魅力がポップン版でも伝わればうれしいです。 ナウくていけてるギャルめざしてがんばりました。 なかよし5人とひなちくん、みんな描けてたのしかったです。

あと2曲担当ということで、早着替えオンステージも見所です。・・ドレス・・ひらひら・・(滅びればいい・・) あと勝手にTOMOSUKEパパのこだわりポイントと思いまして、健康的&おみ足な脚線美を描き分けた・・つもりだしっ。

— shio
Not yet translated.


  • Ibuki shares her birthday with Ryuta, Patty, and Antonio.
  • Ibuki is 16 years old, 160 cm (5'3"), and has type A blood. Her special skills are sewing, makeup, dancing, home cooking, and she plays a CARVIN SB4000.[5]
  • Ibuki has no 2P palette.


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