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Gender Male
Species God
Birthday September 28th[1]
Home Amazon basin Aoki-cho[2]
Hobby Climbing trees
Likes Peter Pan (the eternal boy)
Dislikes Very little
pop'n music 2
pop'n music 5
pop'n music 7
pop'n music 9
pop'n music 10
pop'n music 11
pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE
pop'n music 16 PARTY♪
pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE
pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝
pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET
pop'n music portable 2
pop'n music 20 fantasia
pop'n music Sunny Park
pop'n music ラピストリア
Theme Song(s)
Not yet available
Not yet available

MZD is a character first appearing in pop'n music 2. MZD is the Pop'n God who created the Pop'n World and refers to himself as an eternal boy. He has a mysterious and secretive personality and is rarely seen without ?, a living shadow. Although he's not a main character to the extent of Mimi or Nyami, he has made regular appearances since his debut and is usually the driving force behind several of the games' plots. In pop'n music ラピストリア, he is shown to have created an alternate world known as Lapistoria and gave the Tsugidoka! characters the mission of purifying the magic gems known as "lapises" to help return the missing Pop-kun's to the Pop'n World. In pop'n music éclale's "Pop'n Star Maker" unlock system, he tasked Mimi and Nyami to collect Sound Fragments when the music in the Pop'n World suddenly stopped somehow. While he has received his own unique songs, he usually appears as the character for all remixes. MZD carries the white heart lapisWhite Heart Lapis in pop'n music ラピストリア


Similar to Mimi and Nyami, MZD wears a large variety of clothes, yet much of them are recolored versions of the original ones so they can suit the color scheme of the characters that make part of his Remixed Songs. In pop'n music ラピストリア, he wears a grayish-black shirt underneath a sleeveless black-lined blue jacket. Like most of his appearances, he wears a cap, which is black in color with a sticker of a red Pop-kun on the left side. He also wears a pair of black and blue bracelets around his cuffs as well. He wears a pair of black shorts, with two blue ribbons peeking out of the pockets. He wears blue and black sneakers, which calf-length white socks. This costume is completed with a flowing blue scarf and his signature glasses, which have white frames and blue lenses. In all of his appearances and remixes, he has hair that is kept in a messy hairstyle, though while his hair changes color due to the remix's pallete, the hair's normal color is Brown. Also, if you see very well, MZD's eyes can be seen in his art and the opening animation of pop'n music ラピストリア.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  Hey hey!
Damage  You'll regret that
Good Play  Easy
Bad Play  Awful
Win  Because I'm god
Lose  Oh my


Character Comments

pop'n music 2[3]
MZD 2 Profile 六本木でアクマと呼ばれた男。てゆーかポップンの神。

こーみえてもめんどうみがいいので、旅にでたキャラたちの代わりを1人で努めることに…。 (後ろの影) 破壊力-A スピード-A 射程距離-∞ 持続力-A 精密動作性-C 成長性-E 最大時100m 最小時0.0001mm

The man who is called the Roppongi devil. Or rather the Pop'n God.

Though it might seem simple it's complicated, he acts alone in place of the characters who were sent on a journey... (The shadow behind him) Destructive force - A speed - A range - infinite durability - A operable precision - C growth potential - E maximum time 100m, minimum time 0.0001mm

pop'n music 5[2]
MZD 5 Profile 「あん?みんな忙しい?わかったわかった、Re-Mix?あーやっとくやっとく。」


"Huh? Everybody is busy? Alright alright, Re-Mix? Ah I'll do it, I'll do it."

He recently made his own DJ set and pretends to DJ my boom.

pop'n music 7[4]

神からのプレゼントでイカしたリミックスをお届けするから楽しみにしててくれよ~? 」

"Yo, is everyone enjoying Pop'n? Thanks to you all Pop'n is on its 7th work.

Looking forward to the delivery of cool remixes as a present from God?"

pop'n music 9[5]
MZD 9 Profile ちはす。今回のパーティもみんなのおかげで大成功だよなー。

久しぶりな奴らもたくさんいるし俺もちょっと出てみっかな。 じゃ、その曲ちょっと貸してくんない?

pop'n music 10[6]
MZD 10 Profile なんちゃってDJも世界創造もたしなむポップン世界の神?


Does the God of the Pop'n World enjoy creating the world and being a fake DJ?

The grains of stars that he's collected, they fall and dance to become new music and life..

pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE[7]


pop'n music 16 PARTY♪[7]


pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE[8]
MZD 17 Profile 「カーット!いい絵が撮れたぜ!」


"Cut! That was a good picture!"

After cranking up the studio, it quickly transformed into a dance floor!

pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝[9]
MZD 18 Profile おっす。日本が昔は黄金の国ジパングって呼ばれてたって知ってる?

つーわけで景気づけにゴールドラッシュをもっかい起こすしか!Are you ready?

pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET[7]

pop'n music portable 2[10]
MZD PT2 Profile モニターに映し出されるのは新しい世界? 過去の記憶…? Is the new world being projected on the monitor? A memory from the past...?

pop'n music 20 fantasia[11]
MZD 20 Profile いつも、いつまでも、見守っているよ。 Forever, forever and ever, he is watching.

pop'n music Sunny Park[12]
MZD 21 Profile 全機種そろってBEMANIスタジアム開幕!


Designer CommentsEdit

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