Marika Yamagata
山形まり花 / Yamagata Marika
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Marika Yamagata 21

Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday September 22nd[1]
Home Hinatabi Shopping District[2]
Hobby Playing sweets shiritori[3]
Likes All of the band members
Dislikes The lack of spirit in the shopping district...
pop'n music Sunny Park
pop'n music ラピストリア
pop'n music éclale
pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢
Theme Song(s)

Marika Yamagata is a character from HinaBitter♪, making her pop'n music debut in pop'n music Sunny Park, and is voiced by Rina Hidaka. Marika is the main heroine of the HinaBitter♪ series, who usually says "I'm fine!" as her catchphrase. A cheerful and easy-going girl, she is the daughter of the Saudade record shop owner and a sophomore at Hinatabi High. She enjoys sweets, futons, jazz, lounge pop, and guitar pop. She's childhood friends with Ibuki Izumi, and is also good friends with Meu Meu, Sakiko Kasuga, and Rin Shimotsuki. She's the keyboard player and a vocalist of the band.[5][6]


Marika wears a beige sweater over a white shirt with a red tie and a red plaid skirt. Her socks are dark gray with red stripes and worn with black shoes. She has long light brown hair with two peach colored flower pins and olive colored eyes.

NET Taisen Lines

Attack  Fwoooh!
Damage  Whoaa!
Good Play  The atmosphere is good
Bad Play  ...Huh?
Win  Hehehehe~
Lose  I'm fine

Character Introduction

Character Info

pop'n music Sunny Park[7]
Marika Yamagata 21 Profile 日向美商店街のレコード屋さんちのゆるふわガール。


The easy-going girl from the Hinatabi Shopping District record shop. A supernatural genius for playing the keyboard!?

Designer Comments

pop'n music Sunny Park[7]


まり花ちゃんのふんわりした感じ、 ほがらかでみんなから愛されていそうなところ、 しっかりアニメで表現できればいいなと思って頑張りました。

魔法少女の衣装がけっこうきわどくてビックリしましたが 他の子を見てみたらみんなせめせめで ふとひなビタ♪のTOMOSUKEおとうさんの笑顔が浮かび、納得しました。


— ちっひ
Not yet translated.


  • Marika shares her birthday with Cookie and Belle.
  • Marika is 16 years, 154 cm (5'1"), and has type B blood. Her special skills are improvised performances, being able to sleep anywhere, sweets shiritori, and she plays a Nord Electro3.[6]
  • Marika has no 2P palette.


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