マタン / Matan
Matin 16 BannerMatin 16 IconMatin 16
Gender Female
Species Humina/Rufina
Birthday September 3rd[1]
Home Noigllado Kingdom[2]
Hobby Reading
Likes The nation's smiles
Dislikes Useless fighting
Relatives Nox (twin brother)
Sigma (ancestor)
pop'n music 16 PARTY♪
Theme Song(s)

Matin is a character first appearing in The Epic of Zektbach, making her pop'n music debut in pop'n music 16 PARTY♪. She is the positive half of Nox. She is very kind and loving due to her wealthy upbringing, but it has also made her somewhat naive. She wields the Trisagion and used it to fight Nox in the Holy War, before being stopped by A Milia.[3] Her full name is Matin Catorce (マタン カトルセ Matan Katoruse).


Matin has long platinum blonde hair with two light blue flowers on each side, and a gold piercing in her left ear. She wears a dress that consists of a black strapless top with a red gem in the center and a large light blue layered skirt, and blue fingerless gloves with black trimming.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  Yaah
Damage  Ahh!
Good Play  I'll slice you!
Bad Play  No way!
Win  I can't be defeated
Lose  Why...?

Character IntroductionEdit

Character InfoEdit

pop'n music 16 PARTY♪[4]
Nox and Matin 16 Profile 弱い者を苦しめる事が正義なのか?

無駄な戦争と破壊を繰り返す事が正義なの? ノクスとマタン。それぞれの正義を掲げた、同じ顔を持つふたり。

Is it justice to torment a weak person?

Is it justice to repeat this destruction and useless war? Nox and Matin. Each will carry out justice, two people with the same face.

Designer CommentsEdit

pop'n music 16 PARTY♪[4]


このふたりはどっちも欠けてはいけないと思い、 お願いしてふたりとも描かせて頂きました。 スタッフの方々、私のワガママを聞いて下さってありがとうございました。

IIDXのムービーでは見ることのできない一面や姿をアニメーションならではで表現してみました。 動かしてみるとふたりの内面がよく現れたように思います。 IIDXで遊んだことがある方はポップンで! ポップンで初めての方はIIDXでも遊んでみて下さい~。 ふたりの間に何があるのか…あったのか…きっとまたゼクトバッハ叙事詩の世界が膨らむことと思います。

● MAYA ●
Not yet translated.


The Epic of Zektbach Matin

Matin as she appears in The Epic of Zektbach

  • Matin shares her birthday with Uncle Jam, Kraft?, and her twin brother Nox.
    • Matin's birth date is listed as September 3rd, Melius Calendar Year 723 (メリウス暦723年9月3日). This makes her one of the few characters to have a listed birth year.
  • Nox appears in Matin's Win, Lose, Dance, and Ojama animations.
  • Matin has no 2P palette, appearing as a secondary character for Nox's 2P instead.
  • Matin is 14 years old, 159 cm (5'2"), 44 kg (97 lbs), and voiced by Kaori Nazuka in The Epic of Zektbach media.[5]
  • Matin's name is French for "morning". Her last name is Spanish for "fourteen", referencing her age.
  • In Blind Justice Drama CD, Matin refers that she was born before Nox, so, she is the "older" twin.


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