ミミ / Mimi
Gender Female
Species Rabbit
Birthday March 3rd[1]
Home Japan[2]
Hobby Shopping. I seem to have an eye for cute accessories, chatting[3]
Likes Rabbit goods
Dislikes Tomato juice
Theme Song(s)

MZD MOMMY (pop'n 1)
p-cat (pop'n 2)
Piu:KOHA (pop'n stage)
INUCHIYO (pop'n 3-5)
shio (pop'n 6-14, 16-21, portable)
ちっひ (pop'n 15, 22-24)

Mimi is a character first appearing in pop'n music. She is one of the main characters of the series along with Nyami, having appeared in every main series title to date, and in several side games as well. Mimi is said to be bright, curious, and funny, and loves going shopping. She is well known as both a TV show host and singer, and stars in many programs with Nyami such as talk shows and dramas. Mimi met Nyami during the pop'n music auditions and they've been best friends since. She's described as being the boke of the duo.[4] Mimi is currently voiced by Rie Murakawa. In pop'n music ラピストリア, she carries the pink diamond lapis.Pink Diamond Lapis


Mimi is a rabbit with green eyes and long, flowing brown hair, styled into low-braided pigtails and straight-cut bangs. Over the course of the series she has worn a wide variety of outfits, from simple shirts and pants to elaborate costumes. Her outfits are usually coordinated with Nyami's.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  Take that
Damage  Wah!
Good Play  Yes!
Bad Play  Huh?
Win  Yeah!
Lose  Humph humph

Character IntroductionEdit

Character Comments

pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢[5]
Mimi 24 Profile 蒸気の向こう、続く空の下できっと会えるよ!


Beyond the stream, I'll surely see you beneath he endless sky!

Let's play our continuing dream together♪

pop'n music éclale[6]
Mimi 23 Profile タンタカタ~ン♪ねえ、みてみて~音楽が咲く空の下にみんなの夢をたくさんたくさん集めたよ!


Tadaaah♪ Hey, look look~ I gathered lots and lots of everyone's dreams beneath the blooming sky of music!

So your wishes can come true too...☆ミ

pop'n music ラピストリア[7]
Mimi 22 Profile ラピストリアへようこそ、

新しくなった世界を私たちと一緒にENJOYしよっ★ きっと新しい出会いがみんなを待ってるよ!

Welcome to Lapistoria,

please enjoy the new world with us★ Surely new encounters are awaiting us all!

pop'n music Sunny Park

pop'n music 20 fantasia[8]
File:Mimi Nyami Epilogue Profile.png ポップンファンタジア~最終章~ 


pop'n fantasia ~ last chapter

Please enjoy this story that's the beginning of the end!

pop'n music 20 fantasia[9]


With this secret key, the other side of the door is a Pop'n Wonderland!

Let's celebrate the 20th anniversary together~♪

File:Mimi HPM Profile.png ハロー!ミミだよ~


Hello! It's Mimi~

Do you want to play with me?

pop'n music 19 TUNE STREET[11]


This time the Pop'n Party is in a city filled with music!

I wonder what kind of music I'll find if I walk around in a cheerful mood?

pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝 [12]
File:Mimi Nyami Nengo Rock Profile.gif 歴史が苦手なみんな集まれ〜!


Those who are bad with history, gather around~!

If you sing with the teacher, your test will be perfect☆100% accurate☆yeah~, tomorrow's a home run!

pop'n music 18 せんごく列伝[13]
File:Mimi Nyami 18 Profile.gif 鳴らぬなら鳴らしてみせようポトトギス〜


If there's no sound then let is sound, pototogi~

It's a great decisive battle, and there's no way out!

코나미 팝픈뮤직2 카니발[14]
File:Mimi PMKR2 Profile.gif 배가 고프지 않니?

이번 연주가 끝나면 우리 같이 당근쥬스 어때?

나는 냐미와 수다를 떨면 스트레스가 풀려. 물론 너와의 연주도 즐겁지.

나른한 시간이지만 우리 같이 신나는 연주를 해보지 않을래?

Are you hungry?

After we finish, how about some carrot juice?

Talking to Nyami is a great stress reliever. Of course, playing with you is also fun.

It's very relaxing, but we're excited to play. Why not try it out?

pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE[15]
File:Mimi PMKR Profile.gif ポップンスタジオへようこそ!

ここから数々の名作ムービーが生まれるんだよ。 よーい、3・2・1・アクション!

Welcome to Pop'n Studios!

Many masterpiece movies are created here. Yo, 3-2-1-action!

코나미 팝픈뮤직[16]
안녕하세요. 미미입니다.

처음하는 사람은 이 곡으로 시작해요.

쉬운 곡이지만 기초가 중요하니 열심히 연습해요.

Good morning. I'm Mimi.

We'll start off with this song.

It's an easy song, but it's important to know the basics, so practice hard.

pop'n music 16 PARTY♪[17]


Welcome! Did you get an invitation?

Well, we're all waiting☆dreamy party time!

pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE[18]


Yahoo! This is the end of Pop'n Land.

I wonder what kind of treasure I'll find today? Going through the jungle, across suspended bridges...just the thought it exciting!

pop'n music 15 ADVENTURE[19]
File:Mimi 15 Profile.gif ここは伝説のポップンランド。


This is a legendary Pop'n Land.

With this secret map I have, I'm looking for treasure, let's go~

pop'n music 14 FEVER![20]

ゴキゲンなベースラインにリズムを合わせて☆レッツフィーバー! TONIGHT 今夜は DA DA DA DANCING!!

Is everyone having fun~?

Matching the rhythm with the amazing baseline☆let's fever! Tonight, tonight's for da-da-da-dancing!!

pop'n music 13 カーニバル[21]


Ladies and gentlemen!

With loads of fun to be had, the exciting carnival starts! Everyone gather around~!

pop'n music 13 カーニバル[22]
File:Mimi Nyami 13 Profile.gif パンパカポップンカーニバル!!今回もみんな楽しんでくれたかな?


Pan-paka Pop'n Carnival! Have you enjoyed your time?

The festival is still going on, so let's keep dancing till the finale!

pop'n music 12 いろは[23]


This Pop'n has a Japanese style!?

Eating and decorating, I love it. Japan is nice~.

pop'n music 11[24]


Searching for cool music from all over the world, let's go!

Let's talk about all the souvenirs in the trunk!

pop'n music 10[25]


Welcome to the magical Pop'n Party!

I prepared tons of dreams and magical music gifts! Have fun this time too~!

pop'n music 10[26]
File:Mimi Nyami 10 Profile.gif ポップンマジカルパーティの進行役はまたまたミミとニャミ。


Mimi and Nyami are once again the coordinators of this magical Pop'n Party.

Magical music and wonderful dreams will conclude this fun time.

pop'n music 9[27]



Pop'n Cafe? Only open for a limited time! Everyone should come play with us.

pop'n music 8[28]


A familiar Pop'n Party coordinated by two best friends.

"Pop'n TV, stay tuned!"

pop'n music 7[29]



This time with Nyami I'll give you colorful, happy presents!

pop'n music キャラクタービジュアルガイド[30]


Nyami's best friend and partner

Her personality is similar to Nyami's, however Nyami is the tsukkomi, and Mimi is the boke. Every day she appears in various programs along with Nyami! Their clothes are always matching. Despite being busy she's always full of curiosity, and is interested in a variety of things.

pop'n music 6[31]


I'm practicing guitar with Nyami.

We're aiming for an interesting sound.

pop'n music 5[32]
File:Mimi 5 Profile.gif 好奇心旺盛なミミちゃんの今のマイブームは海賊!


My latest curiosity boom is pirates!

Nyami and I have new matching clothes, let's dance!

pop'n music 4[33]
File:Mimi 4 Profile.gif 最近ニャミちゃんと一緒にスポーツを始めたらしいよ。


It seems she recently picked up sports with Nyami.

She's full of motivation to make matching uniforms!

pop'n stage[34]
File:Mimi Nyami PnS Profile.gif どんなにお仕事忙しくても、遊ぶことはやめたくないの。ポップンステージもその一つ。


No matter how busy I am, I can't stop playing. pop'n stage is like that.

The bracket seems small, but if you step on the panel while jumping with both feet, it's a great feeling for beginners unfamiliar with the footwork.

pop'n music 3[35]
File:Mimi 3 Profile.gif ニャミちゃんと毎日いろんな番組に出演中。


She appears on various shows everyday with Nyami.

She should be busy, but she's addicted to pop'n stage and can't get enough.

pop'n music 2[36]
File:Mimi 2 Profile.gif 前回のパーティのナイスっぷりに早速2回目が開催決定!


The last party was so nice that the second one was planned immediately!

We'll both be full of energy, oh how exciting!

pop'n music[37]
File:Mimi 1 Profile.gif ニャミの親友かつ合い方。性格はニャミとそっくりなんだけど、


Nyami's best friend and partner. Her personality is similar to Nyami's,

however Nyami is the tsukkomi, and Mimi is the boke.


Coming soon


See Mimi/Gallery

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