pop'n music 2 CS
ポップンミュージック2 CS
Pop'n Music 2 Logo
Game Information
Release Date September 14th, 1999[1]
May 25th, 2000 (Konami the BEST version)[2][3]
Hardware PlayStation, Dreamcast
Theme Regular
Song Information
Original Songs 13
Total New Songs 13
Total Songs Overall 46

pop'n music 2 CS (ポップンミュージック2 Poppun Myūjikku 2) is the home version of the 2nd pop'n music installment.



A hidden mode introduced in the home version, consisting of playing through randomly-chosen tracks in one sitting using 9-button gameplay. There are three difficulty settings; beginner with 18 beginner-rated songs and no Ojamas, which will make Mimi your character; half with 18 normal-rated songs and some Ojamas, making Mary your character; full with all excite-rated songs (excluding hidden songs, making the total 37) and all Ojamas, making The King your character. You cannot read the scores you get after each song, and you cannot change your character.

To unlock Marathon mode, you must have 40 songs unlocked in no particular order. Holding the SELECT button and pressing START will end the session, giving your total score and stages you have surpassed. If you manage to complete the mode, you will unlock more stages and characters, along with instructions on how to unlock J-Garage Pop.

  • Completing beginner mode will make Akiba appear on Stage 1.
  • Completing half mode will make Live appear on Stage 2.
  • Completing full mode will make Bee's Eye appear on Stage 3.


Another console-exclusive hidden mode requiring 40 themes, in which you face five stages for each course (10 in total) with a gauge pre-set at the intermediate level, the result opening up three four-panel comics. Each course you complete, depending on its difficulty, will gradually reveal the final image. There are three speed mods available, ranging from normal to very fast. You will be playing as characters that did not make it into pop'n music 2 CS, like Uncle Jam and Charly.


A screen showing all your scores, categorized by Beginner, Party, Excite, Party and Marathon. The Chart option displays your total high score, hyper mode and the amount of times you have played a song.

New Features & ChangesEdit

  • Added Marathon, Records and Survival mode.
  • The first pop'n music game to operate on a Key Disc.
  • 13 new songs since the arcade release, 9 of which are secret.
  • The first appearance of the "hi-speed" option.

Dreamcast and PlayStation DifferencesEdit

  • You can play the Dreamcast version from the get-go using the console-exclusive Arcade Joystick.[4]
  • Characters in the Dreamcast version have more animations, detailed pre-song stances, movements and frames thanks to the system's large amount of RAM.[5] The Pop-kuns have more life to them as well.
  • While the PlayStation version allows up to 2 players, Dreamcast houses 4. However, you cannot plug in 4 controllers at a time.
  • Because of the Dreamcast's lack of loading time, pop'n music 2 DC did not include the shortcut option that made the PlayStation version easier to go through.
  • The Dreamcast has a more detailed ending movie.
  • A spinning disk next to the "now loading" text in the Dreamcast version.
  • No lag and an increased framerate in the Dreamcast version.

Song ListEdit

Song list from RemyWiki

Genre Song Artist Character BPM Difficulty
Normal Hyper
First Stage / Easy (カンタン)
FANTASYファンタジー monde des songe Bikke MZD 119 5
MASARAマサラ すてきなタブーラ TABAN KING Karli 130 6
URBAN POPアーバンポップ Prism♡Heart Sana Mrs. Wilson 135 5 H
J-TEKNOJ?テクノ Quick Master act deft MZD 147 6
NEW WAVEニューウェーブ Don't Disturb Color Essence Sylvie 130 7
MELLOWメロウ 光の季節 ANNA Sanae-chan 110 9
IDOL GIRLアイドルガール LOVE FIRE 長沢ゆりか Judy 108 12
NEO ACOネオアコ (fly higher than) the stars sugi&reo Sugi-kun 154 16
Second Stage / Normal (フツウ)
LATINラテン El Pais del sol Senorita Rica MZD 106-109 7
DANCEダンス Hi-Tekno Hi-Tekno Judy 140 12
CANDY POPキャンディポップ Give me your pain Haya-P & Maru Haya-P & Maru Paw Cindy 130 13
REGGAEレゲエ "Baby, I'm yours" LISA-T MZD 93 13
VISUALヴィジュアル WHITE BIRDS violent age Yuli 122 13
BONUS TRACKボーナストラック すれちがう二人 apresmidi Sanae-chan 136 14
FUNNYファニー PULSE 319 Boy 130 14
J-POPJ−ポップ LifeE Haya-P & Maru Haya-P & Maru Paw Pretty 110 14
AFRICAアフリカ Con te sabi 2119 Hamba un Aa Pretty 135 14 H
EURO QUEENユーロクィーン what i want (EURO MIX) T.R.S KoKo 137 15
DIGI ROCKデジロック ROSE ~恋人よ、薔薇色に染まれ BROKE Timer 124 16
FUSIONフュージョン CROSSOVER 12 319 Pretty 100 16
DISCO QUEENディスコクィーン what i want (EURO MIX) THE RITCHIE SISTERS KoKo 124 18
ENKAエンカ お江戸花吹雪 高田香里 S.8. Taro 146 18
CLASSIC 2クラシック2 R.C. Waldeus von Dovjak Hamanov 180 18 H
RAVEレイヴ e-motion e.o.s Rave Girl 145 20
Final Stage / Hard (ムズイ)
TECHNO POPテクノポップ Electronic Fill Windslope Kraft? 121 14
ANIME HEROアニメヒーロー 闘え!!ギャンブラーZ words: RYO song: NARAMCHA MZD 161 16
ANIME HERO RアニメヒーローR はばたけ、ザ・グレートギャンブラー さくし:RYO うた:水木一郎 Hiroshi Jingu 159 16
CARIBカリブ 麗しのカーディガン Akko's Akko's Eye Olivia 124 16
TECHNO'80テクノ'80 Water Melon Woman NAKATEK Pretty 115 19 H
POP RAPポップラップ Smile The Night Away Scotty D Kraft? 117 20
Girlyガーリィ e-motion SAORI Rie-chan 119 22
CLASSICクラシック Chaos Age Waldeus von Dövjak Pretty 135 22 H
HEAVY METALヘビーメタル I'm on fire AD/DA Dami-yan 150 23

Hidden SongsEdit

Genre Song Artist Character BPM Difficulty
Normal Hyper
Secret (ヒミツ)
First Stage / Easy (カンタン)
CUTEキュート ]取り返してやる!~Again,My Lovely Day~ Akko's Akko's Eye Anzu 134 5 H
AKIBAアキバ E.C.M. PAPEHINA meets Haya-P Shollkee 144 12
Second Stage / Normal (フツウ)
Liveライブ Theme of staff roll ~special mix~ きまぐれポッパーズ Poppers 130 11
NEW FOLKニューフォーク 走れブン!ブン! きまぐれポッパーズ Flower 134 15
Final Stage / Hard (ムズイ)
J-R&BJ−リズム&ブルース SAYONARA ANNA Tourmaline 95 13
LOUNGEラウンジ Cherry & Raquel The Ebisu Singers Reo-kun 163 14
J-GARAGE POPJ-ガラージポップ Miracle Moon (お月さまが中継局) Togo Project feat. Sana Kelly 128 17 H
SEXY GIRLSセクシーガールズ 淋しくてLoneliness ワンダース May-Fa 126 21 H
AVANTGARDEアバンギャルド Bee's Eye Waldeus von Dövjak Edward 180 23 H






  • pop'n music 2 CS was the first mainline game to be compatible with a PocketStation and Visual Memory Unit, depending on the platform. This gave players a more portable experience referred to as "Anywhere pop'n music," where songs could be downloaded through the units on the go. This would continue until pop'n music 4 APPEND DISC, marking the discontinuation of the PocketStation and VMU.[1]

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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