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Welcome to the Pop'n Music Wiki!

A wiki dedicated to the Pop'n Music series that anyone can edit!
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What is Pop'n Music?
Pop'n Music (ポップンミュージック Poppun Myūjikku) is a rhythm game series created by KONAMI under their music game division, BEMANI. First released in 1998 at arcades, Pop'n Music became well known for its nine large, colorful buttons and cute characters. Despite its appearance however, Pop'n Music is regarded as a highly difficult game, especially on higher difficulty modes such as Hyper and EX. More info on the series can be found here.
Pop'n News

2016/10/06 Six crossover songs have been added to Pop'n Music éclale as a part of the NEW Generation 夏の流星フェスタ2016 event. They are Angelic Jelly, StrayedCatz, ZEPHYRANTHES, Grand Chariot, Sephirot, and Triple Counter.
2016/09/28 A new Pop'n Music game has been announced, Pop'n Music うさぎと猫と少年の夢. The teaser site can be viewed here. The location test will be held between September 30th and October 2nd, 2016.
2016/09/28 Today marks the 18th anniversary of the Pop'n Music series!
2016/09/12 Two licensed songs, 時の妖花 and 零の位相 were added to Pop'n Music éclale.
2016/08/22 ON-DO and Voices were added to Pop'n Music éclale.
2016/08/05 倉野川音頭 was added to Pop'n Music éclale.
2016/08/04 It has been announced that Pop'n Rhythmin will no longer be available to download from the Apple App Store starting August 31st, 2016.
2016/08/04 Geocentrism, 在るが儘に, and SAKURAスキップ were added to Pop'n Music éclale.
2106/08/01 e-AMUSEMENT service for Pop'n Music Lapistoria has ended.
2016/07/27 The 3rd volume of Pop'n Music éclale cards has been released.
2016/07/21 CHERNOBOG, アキネイション, and パ→ピ→プ→Yeah! were added to Pop'n Music éclale as a part of the BeaSt Pop'n Tanabata Festival crossover event.


Featured Character
Vela 23 1P
Vela is a character from SOUND VOLTEX, making his Pop'n Music debut in Pop'n Music éclale. Vela is a pianist whose music can be heard throughout space. His music can't be picked up by the Gravitational Radar however, which often misleads those traveling through space. He's described as an unapologetic cynic and has a heated rivalry with Nova. Vela also shares a strong resemblance with him, leading to others calling him an impostor. His birthday is on May 1st.

Read More: Vela
Featured Song
Junai Host 16 Banner
純愛ホスト☆午前5時 (Junai Host☆Gozen 5 Ji) is a song first appearing in Pop'n Music 16 PARTY♪.

Junai Host 16 Preview

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How do you feel about the new Long Pop-kun notes that have been added in Pop'n Music うさぎと猫と少年の夢?

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