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What is pop'n music?
pop'n music (ポップンミュージック poppun myūjikku) is a rhythm game series created by KONAMI under their music game division, BEMANI. First released in 1998 at arcades, pop'n music became well known for its nine large, colorful buttons and cute characters. Despite its appearance however, pop'n music is regarded as a highly difficult game, especially on higher difficulty modes such as Hyper and EX.
Pop'n News

2018/04/26 Two new stages have been added to the NAVIfes (ナビフェス) event, the Tokimeki Idol Encore Stage and the BeatStream Encore Stage. There are two songs in each — Twin memories W and 恋時雨 in the Tokimeki Idol Encore Stage and Phlox and CARNIVOROUS in the BeatStream Encore Stage. Additionally, Be A Hero!, nalca, SailRen, 星屑ブレスレット, リリーゼと炎龍レーヴァテイン are now automatically unlocked and available for everyone to play.
2018/03/28 Strobe♡Girl was removed from pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢.
2018/03/22 Three new songs have been added to the NAVIfes (ナビフェス) event. Songs unlockable in the Gold Stage are BILLION MONEY BAZOOKA, GOLDEN CROSS, and ゴールデンハート ft. Kimberley Nutbe.
2018/03/15 ロールプレイングゲーム, まぼろしウインク, and 君氏危うくも近うよれ were added to pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢.
2018/03/08 夢を絆ぐ亜麻色, Another Texture, 空想モダニズム, 哀彩, @you, 朝までワンモアラブリー(onemore 90's lovery), and НУМЛ are now automatically unlocked and available for everyone to play.
2018/02/15 Three new songs have been added to the NAVIfes (ナビフェス) event. Songs unlockable in the Silver Stage are ギンギンパーレー!!, STERLING SILVER, and K∀MUY.
2018/02/10 The pop'n music section of the 7th KONAMI Arcade Championship has concluded! The winner of the Womens' Division is 10kai, and the winner of the Mens' Division is TATSU. A new NAVIFes stage, Silver Stage, has also been announced for February 15th.
2018/01/25 Two new songs have been added to the NAVIfes (ナビフェス) event. Songs unlockable in the Crystal Stage are Welcome!! and LOTUS.
2018/01/09 Between today and January 29th, 黎明スケッチブック, Black Emperor, and INF-B《L-aste-R》 will be unlockable by playing SOUND VOLTEX IV HEAVENLY HAVEN and raising the infection level.


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