Welcome to the Pop'n Music Wiki. This page includes the general wiki rules and guidelines. If you have any other questions, please send a message to the admin.

The Wikia-wide Terms of Use can be read here.


These directions apply to the default Oasis skin
Anyone can edit the Pop'n Music Wiki, both registered and anonymous users alike. To edit a page simply click the Edit button located at the top of the page. This will bring up either the source editor or visual editor depending on your preferences and allow you to add to the page. You can also choose which editor you want to use to edit a specific page by using the small arrow to the right of the edit button. New pages can be created by clicking the Contribute button in the top right-hand corner and selecting Add a Page. From there you can enter the article name, select its layout, and begin adding to it. There is also a bar on the right rail of the main page that you can use to create a page.

For more editing information, see Help:Editing for basic info, Pop'n Music Wiki:Manual of Style for layout and writing guides, and Category:Templates for useful templates used on pages.

Fan-Made ContentEdit

This wiki was created to provide information on official pop'n music content only. As such, making pages for fan-made characters, songs, games, etc is not allowed. This type of content will be deleted, so please use or create a pop'n music fan-fiction wiki for fan creations.

This extends to false info as well. Information should generally be cited or at least have something to back it up as true from an official source. Theories should not be added. Trivia is welcome and has slightly more lax rules, but trivia should still have some kind of basis. Good example — "it's unclear whether Mimi and Nyami have tails or not" — This has been alluded to in an official source (Popper's Lounge), making it a good trivia point.


Vandalism will not be tolerated. Forms of vandalism include (but are not limited to):

  • Adding misinformation by purposefully replacing the content of a page with false, unverified info (trivia excluded).
  • Removing content such as deleting large chunks of info from a page or removing all of the content from it for no reason.
  • Adding prohibited content such as swearing (lyrics/character quotes excluded), racism, homophobia, pornography, etc. This kind of vandalism in particular will result in an immediate block.
  • Breaking a page by removing parts of templates, which can lead to a large amount of code appearing on the page.

Of course, accidents happen. If you make a mistake please try to fix it. If you're unsure of what to do, contact the admin, explain the issue, and it will be fixed. This won't result in a ban or warning.


As a wiki can be edited by anyone, chances are you may end up disagreeing with another editor. It's important to treat other users with respect and cooperate with others. Don't flame or bait other users into arguing with you or use disrespectful language, and instead try to discuss the issue as civil as possible. Always assume good faith and work together with other editors to prevent edit-warring. Use message walls and talk pages/comments to discuss improvements and validate info. Users who repeatedly harass others or continue to edit-war will be blocked for a short period.

Joining the WikiEdit

While users can edit anonymously and an account isn't required, users can create an account by heading to Special:UserLogin and clicking Register now. It only requires an e-mail, username, password, your birth date, and it's free. Users with an account have the benefits of...

  • Being able to track their contributions
  • Create a user page and have an avatar
  • Follow pages and receive updates on them
  • Upload photos
  • Adjust their preferences

Please note however that you MUST be at least thirteen (13) years or older to create an account. This is a Wikia-wide rule.

Link ColorsEdit

Links sometimes appear as different colors. This is intentional since the small arrow indicating an external link has been removed. All links are dark brown when hovered over.

Internal links are brown. They either link to another page on the wiki or link to another wiki on Wikia's network. For example, Nyami is an internal link while PaRappa the Rapper is another Wikia wiki link.
External links are light purple. They link to a different website, so clicking them will take you off of the wiki. RemyWiki is an external link.