This will be expanded upon if this wiki gains activity somehow.

Character PagesEdit

• For character pages, only the latest artwork and corresponding palettes will go in the infobox. For example, Nyami's 1P and 2P artwork from Lapistoria would go in her infobox, her artwork from Sunny Park and below would go in her gallery page. Anime/TV portraits are excluded, for example Space Maco's Pop'n Music 5 artwork would be on her main page, even though her TV/Anime artwork is more recent.

• In the appearance section, tabs are to be used to prevent the page from being unnecessarily long. Each game would have a tab, and only 1P palettes are described.

• No redundant or useless trivia. Something like "Mr. Ichijo appears to be rather old, since he has gray hair" can simply be added to his appearance section. Don't add speculative trivia either, such as "Maud and Cocona look similar and may be related".

Song PagesEdit

• Only a small preview is to be inserted into the song infobox. These previews should be around 30 seconds. Do not embed videos with the full length songs, as YouTube uploaders may not want their videos all over Wikia without their permission.

• In song pages, trivia can be used from RemyWiki, however it should be heavily reworded and trivia not relevant to the wiki shouldn't be included. For example, a point saying "this is Sanae Shintani's first Pop'n Music song" is a bit moot here, as artists themselves and other BEMANI series aren't covered here.

• Additionally, most note charts are found at RemyWiki. Please link back to the respective song page, saying Notecounts obtained from RemyWiki. If it's found elsewhere, such as BEMANIWiki or Pop'n Fever, then link to that site and page instead.


• For non-Pop'n images (e.g images used in profiles, etc), please upload them to an image hosting site then link them in your profile. The whitelisted sites are:

Feel free to message me and let me know if you have any other image site that you'd like to be whitelisted.

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