Icon Name Gender Birthday Intro Comment
Ace 23 1P Icon Ace 23 1P Banner April 19th Into the labyrinth of MesiA and I...
Ai 23 Icon Ai 23 Banner July 1st An appearance from Otoca♥d'or
Alya 23 1P Icon Alya 23 1P Banner August 4th You're laughing at me too...!
Amulet 23 1P Icon Amulet 23 1P Banner October 4th Hey, let's play together ☆
Bob the Spider 14 1P Icon File:Bob the Spider 14 1P Banner.png September 6th Funky & Cool!!
Dan 23 1P Icon Dan 23 1P Banner March 19th I can transform into a young dump truck~!
Dosue 23 1P Icon Dosue 23 1P Banner February 13th The triangular and elegant Japanese girl, Dosue
Grim 23 1P Icon Grim 23 1P Banner March 20th I'll show you if you give me your soul...
Horn 23 1P Icon Horn 23 1P Banner June 3rd The little princess from the Kingdom of Music Notes
Iroha 23 1P Icon Iroha 23 1P Banner May 27th Explosive karuta queen ☆
Jin 23 1P Icon Jin 23 1P Banner January 11th A boy with the power to control sand
File:Judy 23 1P Icon.png File:Judy 23 1P Banner.png July 3rd A sexy & cute dance for you!
File:Little Raisin 23 1P Icon.png File:Little Raisin 23 1P Banner.png ♀/♂ October 25th I wonder where the two of us will go today??
Loof 23 1P Icon Loof 23 1P Banner September 9th Congrats on your character recruitment!
Melissa 23 1P Icon Melissa 23 1P Banner August 3rd Congrats on your character recruitment!
Meteor 23 1P Icon Meteor 23 1P Banner June 29th Congrats on your character recruitment!
Mimi 23 1P Icon Mimi 23 1P Banner March 3rd Welcome to the world of music and magic!
Nyami 23 1P Icon Nyami 23 1P Banner February 8th Welcome to the world of music and dreams!
File:Rie-chan 16 1P Icon.png File:Rie-chan 16 1P Banner.png February 14th A girl who loves music and clothing
Schall 23 1P Icon Schall 23 1P Banner December 30th Hey, I want to hear your piano!
Senshiiiii 23 1P Icon Senshiiiii 23 1P Banner November 12th A part-time warrior! Going to work by bicycle!
Sirius 23 1P Icon File:Sirius 23 1P Banner.png February 11th The speed star of the universe
Smile 23 1P Icon Smile 23 1P Banner February 18th Hii hii hii...that's really funny...
Tanaka-san 23 1P Icon Tanaka-san 23 1P Banner May 14th A handsome kappa salaryman, going to work!
Tent-Kant 16 1P Icon File:Tent-Kant 16 1P Banner.png ? March 13th The curtains are rising, now come this way!
Timer 23 1P Icon Timer 23 1P Banner May 15th Everyone together, let's sing!
Umaru-chan 23 Icon Umaru-chan 23 Banner September 26th An appearance from Himouto! Umaru-chan
Vela 23 1P Icon Vela 23 1P Banner May 1st Those who are deceived are wrong
Yagura Don 23 1P Icon Yagura Don 23 1P Banner August 15th It's Yagura Don in the middle of the festival!
File:Yima 10 1P Icon.png File:Yima 10 1P Banner.png May 4th I will now offer a prayer for an abundant harvest