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pop'n music ラピストリア
Pop'n music Lapistoria Logo
Game Information
Release Date Jun. 25th, 2014
Location Test Dates Feb. 15th, 2014
May 30th, 2014 - Jun. 1st, 2014
Hardware BEMANI PC
Theme School
Song Information
Original Songs 82
Licensed Songs 12
Crossover Songs 35
CS Songs 1
Removed Songs 1
Total New Songs 130
Total Songs Overall TBA

pop'n music ラピストリア (poppun myūjikku Rapisutoria, translated as pop'n music Lapistoria) is the 22nd pop'n music installment, released on June 25, 2014. Its first location test was held at JAEPO 2014 on February 15, 2014. Another was held between May 30 and June 1, 2014.


Story ModeEdit

Story Mode (ストーリーモード) is a new feature in pop'n music ラピストリア, which allows players to unlock songs, characters, Chara-deco, and more by playing through different sets of stories. Story Mode is chosen after selecting Normal Mode, and it shows the player's story gauge as well. While playing Story Mode several cutscenes are shown before each stage, and the story progresses by playing related songs in the Story Folder and filling the story gauge. Once the gauge is full, a new song can be unlocked.

The main plot is that the Pop-kun have began disappearing from the Pop'n World due to the presence of another world, known as Lapistoria. MZD then gives the four Tsugidoka! characters, Retsu, Fuga, Hiumi, and Rinka lapises, and they are sent to the new world to discover the truth.

There are four different story types: Main Story, Sub Story, Past Story, and Privilege Story. While the Main Story and Sub-Story modes unlock new content, the Past Story mode is for unlocking event songs that were in pop'n music Sunny Park. A list of stories can be seen here.

Course ModeEdit

Course Mode (コースモード) was added on December 22, 2014. It remains largely unchanged from its last appearance in pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE. Each course consists of fours songs which share a single Groove Gauge. Missing notes will cause the gauge to deplete and it will not be refilled between songs. The goal is to pass the whole course without the Groove Gauge fully depleting.

Players with PASELI can continue playing even after their gauge empties, but this only allows them to finish the course and it will not count as a clear. Neither the gauge type or Ojama can be set in Course Mode. A full list of courses can be viewed here.


Chara-Deco (キャラデコ) are small graphics that can be used to decorate the player's character. Chara-Deco are highly varied, consisting of comment bubbles, animated effects, and even characters. Initially they could only be added to your character through the eAMUSEMENT site, but as of July 17, 2014 they can be set in-game. They are accessed by pressing 0 on the keypad during character select. The time limit for customizing is very short, however. Chara-Deco parts can be unlocked by clearing stories, filling a Pop'n Challenge sheet, fulfilling a character's Heart Gauge (sometimes specific characters), or by clearing Course Mode courses. A list of Chara-Deco parts and their unlock methods can be viewed here.

Pop'n ChallengeEdit

Pop'n Challenge (ポップンチャレンジ) is a mini game that appears after the player plays a round of songs. A bronze, silver, or gold sheet appears and a sticker is placed on a certain area of it depending on several prerequisites. There are ten sheets for each sheet type, and an additional eleventh bronze sheet for the Discovery! The Resurrected BEMANI Ruins (Hakken! Yomigaetta BEMANI Iseki 発見!よみがえったBEMANI遺跡) event. Each filled sheet will unlock a different Chara-Deco part.

Pop'n AuraEdit


New Features & ChangesEdit

  • The art style has been redone, with a distinct anime style as opposed to the previous simple style. This change only applies to new and returning characters who receive new songs, and does not affect the animations.
  • None of the new songs have genres, though existing songs keep their genres.
  • Instead of unique backgrounds, a single animated backdrop is used for all songs.
  • Songs no longer display music comments.
  • The scoring ratio has been changed from 10:5:1:0 to 10:7:4:0 for COOL:GREAT:GOOD:BAD, respectively.
  • The only way to get to the Extra Stage now is through PASELI, by collecting the E-X-T-R-A letters from clearing songs.
  • There is no longer a game over, you can continue playing regardless of how many times you fail.
  • The options menu now has eight options: Hi-Speed, Pop-Kun, Gauge Type, Random, Hidden, Sudden, Ojama 1, and Ojama 2. Hi-Speed can now be increased by 0.1 increments, and shows what the new BPM will be with Hi-Speed on. New options were added as well, allowing for the Hi-Speed to be increased up to 10x. Hidden can be toggled mid-song by pressing 0 on the keypad, and Sudden can be toggled with the 00 key.
    • The new gauge types are Easy, Normal, Hard, and Danger. On Easy the gauge will take half as much damage, while Hard doubles the damage. Danger will deplete the entire gauge if a note is missed.
  • There is now a Heart Gauge feature for characters. Certain actions fill the gauge:
    • Picking the character's song: 1 point.
    • Setting them as your main character: 3 points.
    • Playing as them on their birthday: 5 points.
  • Licensed songs no longer receive their own page on the official site.

Song ListEdit

An alternate version of the song list with banners instead can be viewed here
A light pink background indicates that a song must be unlocked. Light blue means it is playable by default.[1][2]

Song Artist Character BPM Standard
Easy Normal Hyper EX
KONAMI Originals
うさぬこぬんぬんファンタジー! ARM(IOSYS) feat.普透明度 Usanuko 160
運命のパラドックス CapsColte Gerhard 190
煌-灼熱の裁き PON Retsu 202
空に抗い堕つるとも Akhuta Rars 160
今夜ボクがキミの救世主っ! 岩橋星実 (Elements Garden) feat. 小林正典 Michiru 155
終末の序曲 ~オワリノハジマリ~ フレディ波多江とエレハモニカ Zizz 150
春風ブローインウィンド TAG Fuga 160
零と弌の鍵の唄 red glasses feat.秋成 Takuto 178
戦場のアップデート H.B.Saver feat.秣本瑳羅 Elenoa 147
そこに或るヒカリ マッカチン企画 feat.sisi Miho 192
地の記 獄編 あさき Goku-Sotsu-Kun 174
徒然 My world MY STRANGE LIFE Ryuta 190
徹頭徹尾Thrive at Perfect Fourth DTO vs PON 勝利の方程式 DTO 178
ベルガモット組曲 常盤ゆう Risette 182
ラピストリアの約束 postive MAD-crew Nia 186
illumina DJ TOTTO feat. *spiLa* Hiumi 187
Perverse Heart ~あまのじゃく~ EGOISTIC LEMONTEA Sumire 143
Realize Maze movies (moimoi×Xceon×Dai.) Rinka 149
Shock Me dj TAKA feat. Fuuuːka Milk 218
Added July 18, 2014
都会征服Girls☆ 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ Ibuki Izumi 70-140
Tokimeki Restaraunt☆☆☆ (ときめきレストラン☆☆☆), Added August 13, 2014
CHEAT DANCER X.I.P. Kyoya Date 120
Show Up! 3 Majesty Tsukasa Kirishima 132
Added September 12, 2014
温故知新でいこっ! 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ Marika Yamagata 118
Added December 24, 2014
滅亡天使 † にこきゅっぴん 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ Meu Meu 200
乙女繚乱 舞い咲き誇れ 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ Ibuki Izumi 210
Added August 27, 2015
neko*neko 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ Marika Yamagata 123
DDR-Pop'n-REFLEC-VOLTE x Utaite (Matsushita) (DDR・ポップン・リフレク・ボルテ × 歌い手【松下】), added January 22, 2015
Go↓Go↑Girls&Boys! 松下feat.Sota & wac Matsushita 158
Bitter Sweets♪ & Coconatsu Festival! (日向美ビタースイーツ♪&ここなつフェスティバル!), added March 12, 2015
水月鏡花のコノテーション 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ Rin Shimotsuki 185
ツーマンライブ 東雲夏陽 meets 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ Natsuhi Shinonome 174
キモチコネクト 東雲心菜 meets 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ Cocona Shinonome 150
Coconatsu Birthday (ここなつ バースデー), added June 12, 2015
チョコレートスマイル 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ & ここなつ Marika Yamagata 196
Natsu mo VENUS! (夏もVENUS!), added August 20, 2015
Aura Songs[3]
火風陸空 Des-ROW・組 Roku 180
Metamorphose CAPACITY GATE Eclipse 201
Added November 21, 2014
ZADAMGA onoken Phantom 180
The 4th KONAMI Arcade Championship, Added March 5, 2015[4]
RINИE GeMiNioИ Io-Lower 198
Pop'n License (ポップンライセンス), added March 30, 2015
猫侍の逆襲 猫叉Master Shishitugu 152
pop'n music ラピストリア Original Soundtrack Vol.2 Pre-order Song, available between July 29 to September 14, 2015
ほしのつくりかた D-wacrew Poet 180
GUMI 5th Anniversary party Presented by BEMANI, added on June 26, 2014
バンブーソード・ガール cosMo@暴走P GUMI 208
幻想系世界修復少女 Last Note. GUMI 193
Idola iconoclasm feat.GUMI GUMI 201
Floor Infection
Part 12[5]
Strobe♡Girl colate GUMI 190
Baby Sherry ぺのれり GUMI 148
憂恋☆アクティベーション u-z GUMI 150
Part 13[6]
ムーニャポヨポヨスッポコニャーゴ 全日本スッポコニャーゴ親衛隊 Rasis 180
Hakken! Yomigaetta BEMANI Iseki (発見!よみがえったBEMANI遺跡), unlockable between July 24, 2014 to June 25, 2015
Statue's Awakening (彫像の覚醒) Songs
御千手メディテーション 昇天家族 Echidna 150-190
Cleopatrysm ピラミッ℃ Papyrus 190
KHAMEN BREAK くふおー 2st 180
Pyramid Building (ピラミッド建造) Songs
Element of SPADA 猫叉Master feat.霜月はるか Ark 170
532nm Ryu☆ Stella 177
龍と少女とデコヒーレンス 黒猫ダンジョン Maud 165
つぼみ 達見 恵 featured by 佐野宏晃 Chinatsu 184
海神 兎々 Kagami 159
PON no Unmei Jouka Keikaku (PONの運命浄化計画), unlockable between December 24, 2014 to October 26, 2015
Ice Purification (氷の浄化)
Chronoxia DJ Totoriott Fili 180
Fire Purification (火の浄化)
Wind Purification (風の浄化)
Howling PON Ash 155
Flower Purification (花の浄化)
Fate Purification (運命浄化)
彼女は快刀乱麻 mami Ranma 169
In-game Live Song! (ライブ音源をゲームで!), unlockable between February 14, 2015 to November 25, 2015
紅焔(Live Version) Power Of Nature Special Band Retsu 175
Vol. 1, added April 30, 2015
Struggle Masayoshi Minoshima(ALR) Marisa Kirisame 180
Russian Caravan Rhapsody Power Of Nature Reimu Hakurei 158
Vol. 2, added May 14, 2015
千年ノ理 猫叉Master Marisa Kirisame 153
妖隠し -あやかしかくし- DJ TOTTO feat.3L Reimu Hakurei 85
Kaitou BisCo no Yokokujou!! (怪盗BisCoの予告状!!), unlockable starting June 17, 2015[7]
DIAVOLO 度胸兄弟 Aka Dokyo no Mikoto 160
EBONY & IVORY OSTER project BisCo 170
打打打打打打打打打打 ヒゲドライバー join. SELEN Kanoko 156
ミライプリズム(collaboration ver.) ここなつ meets 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ Natsuhi Shinonome 140
Prologue Song, unlockable starting July 16, 2015
In The Breeze 96 & Sota ft. Mayumi Morinaga Judy 123-142
Unlockable starting July 29, 2015
Scars of FAUNA 猫叉Master Yima 165
Unlockable starting August 1, 2015
Peragro Akhutaとオマツリワッショイズ Shima 190
Unlockable starting August 12, 2015
8000000 kors k Tran 200
Unlockable starting August 23, 2015
perditus†paradisus iconoclasm MZD 172
Epilogue Song, unlockable starting July 16, 2015
夏色DIARY (Yu-yake Style) 猫叉王子 feat.PON Mimi/Nyami 137

Story Mode SongsEdit

Story Song Artist Character BPM Standard
Easy Normal Hyper EX
Story Tutorial TWINKLING 猫叉Master feat.ミミニャミ Mimi/Nyami 152
To Lapistoria...! 朱と碧のランページ NU-KO Akane 178
A Shadow Chasing Rinka KARAKARA sei☆shin×KEN Taiga 188
Fuga, the Cat, and the Hurricane 時空学者とブルーメン m@sumi Albireo 103
Added July 9, 2014
The Identity of the Insurance Doctor...? Versa onoken feat.彩羅 Weiß 90-180
The Virtuoso of the Blue Bow 蒼い弓箭 m@sumi feat.TAKMA Yuzuru 164
Soft Style 麗しきエトワールアンジュ shiori Miyu 200
After School Laboratory 風のささやき Hikaru Nicolas 188
Added August 13, 2014
A Disguised Strategy Hatcha Metcha Party kors k Toa 200
The Secret of the Principal's Office? アマイヒミツ MEG.ME Madoka 150
Seaside School ヘイ!ヘイ!Bay~ボクらの夏にサマー☆ウェイヴ~ 波乗りアバッチとB組のみんな Eito 50-168
Added September 12, 2014
Second Suspect INFINITY JINBO feat. YUKO Black 172
The Wise Doctor of the Forest Symsonic Breeze TIME CAPSULE Lab. Harpya 170
Infiltrated at Last! The Principal's Office QuoN Power Of Nature Jadeite 168
Things Forgotten Harmonia ATSUMI UEDA Lapistoria 177
Added October 10, 2014
The Strongest Defender? On Your Mark MIKOTO Syo 183
The Wolf and the Girl Habits organic742 Wolfgang 162
Added November 21, 2014
A Little Girl's Serious Issue じゃんぴょん☆まじっく sei☆shin feat.茉莉亜 Minit's 194
Madoka Strikes Back 乱れた風紀に天罰を 風紀委員 桐生 Kiryu 220?
Added December 5, 2014
NIJIKKO's Dance Lesson Kaleidoscopic Sota Fujimori feat.Calin Sora Hoshino 168
A Luxury Carpet and a Magic Urn 歌劇 月夜のアラビア 劇団レコード feat.夏川陽子 Lazuli 158
Where's Rinka? 曼珠沙華 96 Rinka 91-182
Added January 8, 2015
An Admired Man Bloody Mary good-cool ft.芥(From Chanty) Yuli 186
Added January 22, 2015
A New Incident ice crystals Qrispy Joybox Hiumi 185
Added January 29, 2015
Looking for a Bird FRAGMENTS ~ふたつの記憶~ 佐野 宏晃×PON feat. Megumi Tatsumi Kagome 152
Added February 5, 2015
Witch of the Forest The Sign Of Collapse Akino Roki 186
Added February 13, 2015
Love Tonight 恋愛観測 -VENUS Mix- VENUS VENUS 188
Added February 26, 2015
Crossroads Dimension Gale TAG Fuga 155
Added March 19, 2015
The Detective Girl Who done it?! m@sumi☆ayaka☆ Suiri 246
Added April 2, 2015
Donuts Equation √太陽系◎ドーナツ化計画∞∀∞ uno feat.ちよこ(IOSYS) Root@Chodooken 190
Added April 16, 2015
Retsu, the Runaway (Sequel) 暴レ焔 Power Of Nature Retsu 164
Added May 21, 2015
Decisive Battle Innocence ZERO+ZIBA Jade 120-180
Ikue no Daibouken (育江の大冒険), Added June 30, 2016
Story of the Falling Stars ほしふり Re:pray Sana Ikue 155
Story of the Black Spot 黒点 あさき Ichi no Myou 154
Story of the Egg たまごの物理科学的 及び調理特性に関しての調査、そしてその考察 大日本鉄倶楽部 Hara=Hetta 107-160
Added July 9, 2015
When the World Shines Anelis 猫叉Master feat.ATSUMI UEDA Lapistoria 180
Creation of God L-an!ma Master of Lapis MZD 209?

Difficulty ChangesEdit

Song Genre Artist Game Standard
Easy Normal Hyper EX
いたずらな天使と☆Christmas Eve HAPPY BRASS POP 達見 恵 featured by 佐野宏晃 pop'n music Sunny Park
ませまてぃっく♥ま+ま=まじっく! かめりあ feat. ななひら pop'n music Sunny Park
コドモライブ WARABE STEP onoken feat.asami pop'n music Sunny Park
野獣ワイルド BEAST METAL ブタパンチ pop'n music Sunny Park
Dimensiva Vulnus DREAM CHAMPURU Akhuta pop'n music Sunny Park
Daily Lunch Special LUCKY HARDCORE Lucky Vacuum pop'n music Sunny Park
Empathetic DRUM STEP Sota÷Des pop'n music Sunny Park
Valanga ARTCORE DJ TOTTO pop'n music Sunny Park
Stella Sinistra SYMPHONOVATIVE ROCK Akhuta Philharmonic Orchestra pop'n music Sunny Park
金縛りの逢を はるなば pop'n music Sunny Park
カタテ読書 GIRLS ROMANCE POP はるなば feat. NU-KO pop'n music Sunny Park
アストライアの双皿 ZODIAC ORACLE 7 ZODIACSYNDICATE pop'n music Sunny Park
水鏡 SPIEGEL PON pop'n music Sunny Park
虚空と光明のディスクール 文学少女ロック 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ pop'n music Sunny Park
流れ星ソニック J-EMO マッカチン企画 feat sisi pop'n music Sunny Park
マインド・ゲーム 青春剛速球メタル 96 with メカショッチョー pop'n music Sunny Park
プロキオンの騎士団 FANTASIA FUSION Flying Kite pop'n music Sunny Park
リメンバーリメンバー RAINY WALTZ rino & m@sumi from plastic penguin pop'n music Sunny Park
終末を追う者 JUDGMENT S-C-U×PON pop'n music Sunny Park
わたぐものおなか AIR WALTZ Dormir pop'n music Sunny Park
セツナトリップ Last Note. feat. GUMI pop'n music Sunny Park
天ノ弱 164 feat. GUMI pop'n music Sunny Park
Riot of Color COLOR FUSION TAG pop'n music Sunny Park
coffee break SWING LATTE そよもぎ pop'n music Sunny Park
X-Plan DIGITAL ROCK Tom-H@ck feat. Nadia pop'n music Sunny Park
She saw a miracle SEESAW FANTASY OJ ENSEMBLE pop'n music Sunny Park
Snowfield Express SPUR FUSION S-C-U pop'n music Sunny Park
yellow head joe TEK-TRANCE TIME CAPSULE Lab. pop'n music Sunny Park
De-a lungul vietii CASTLEVANIA SLOT 3 倉持武志 pop'n music Sunny Park
雨ノチHello BREAKOUT ROCK TLION69 pop'n music Sunny Park
Evans HARD RENAISSANCE 2 DJ YOSHITAKA pop'n music Sunny Park
届け!シューティングスター☆ Noriyuki pop'n music Sunny Park
ポチコの幸せな日常 PUPCORE NU-KO pop'n music Sunny Park
マジLOVE2000% ST☆RISH pop'n music Sunny Park
恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!! Hi-BLEEP Prim pop'n music Sunny Park
虹色の花 LIGHT-VISUAL POP Akhuta y OJ pop'n music Sunny Park
恋とキングコング SWEET'S POP 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ pop'n music Sunny Park
彙電子奏叉 BIO TECHNO 742 pop'n music Sunny Park
猛烈宇宙交響曲・第七楽章「無限の愛」 ももいろクローバーZ pop'n music Sunny Park

New ChartsEdit

Song Genre Artist Game Standard
Easy Normal Hyper EX
走れメロンパン FOREVER FRIENDS 日向美ビタースイーツ♪ pop'n music Sunny Park

Removed SongEdit

Song Genre Artist Game
コネクト CONNECT ♪♪♪♪♪ pop'n music 20 fantasia



  • pop'n music ラピストリア is the first main series title to not feature genres.
  • The pop'n music ラピストリア website is the first to not feature song previews or character animations since pop'n music 11, as well as the first to not have any song comments since the first pop'n music. The exceptions are Harmonia and Anelis, which features several comments.
  • pop'n music ラピストリア is the second main series game to use plain backdrops instead of backgrounds, the first being pop'n music 4.
  • Initially, pop'n music ラピストリア did not feature 2P palettes, making it the first main series title with no color options for characters. This was rectified on November 21, 2014 however.
    • Due to a bug, some 2P palettes became available nearly a whole month before their official release, though this was quickly fixed.
  • pop'n music ラピストリア is the first game to feature a Course Mode since pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE.
  • The JAEPO 2014 location test of pop'n music ラピストリア had some noticeable differences:
    • The backdrop was mostly lime green and stayed constant throughout the song, as opposed to the final release where it changes between blue and orange depending on the groove gauge.
    • Text indicators were shown for some animations. A Miss animation would show "MISS" in blue text next to the character, while a Fever animation would show "FEVER!" in orange text. The final release lacks this.
    • The portraits and banners were drawn differently, with duller tones, thicker lines, and a lack of Pop-kuns in the characters' eyes. This is most noticeable in the background for the special JAEPO 2014 site, seen here.
  • pop'n music ラピストリア is the first main series title to change the design of the "pop'n music" logo.
  • The school background of the title screen changes depending on the month to represent various seasons.
    • March through May: The grass is light green with flowers on the bushes and the tree have cherry blossoms.
    • June through August: The trees have all their leaves and the bushes and grass are a vivid green.
    • September through November: The grass and bushes are yellow-green and the trees are orange.
    • December through February: The trees are bare and the bushes and grass are a dull green with some snow.

Official SitesEdit

pop'n music ラピストリア Official Site
JAEPO 2014 Site

Notes & ReferencesEdit

  1. RemyWiki
  2. BEMANIWiki
  3. These were initially hidden and required access to the Extra stage or an Aura grade MAX, but as of September 1st, 2015 they are unlocked for normal play
  4. Was initially added to The 4th KAC FINAL Courses on February 16th, 2015, but became an Aura Song on this date
  5. The unlock periods for Part 12 were 06/26/2014 - 07/10/2014, 08/27/2014 - 09/03/2014, 02/27/2015 - 03/13/2015, 07/23/2015 - 08/06/2015, and 11/06/2015 - 11/24/2015
  6. The unlock periods for Part 13 were 02/27/2015 - 03/13/2015, 07/23/2015 - 08/06/2015, 11/06/2015 - 11/24/2015
  7. This event carried over to pop'n music éclale, where it then ended on December 21st, 2015