Icon Name Gender Birthday Intro Comment
Aka Dokyo no Mikoto 22 Icon Aka Dokyo no Mikoto 22 Banner July 1st Appearing from beatmania IIDX!
Akane 22 1P Icon Akane 22 1P Banner January 5th She's Retsu's...grandmother?!
Albireo 22 1P Icon File:Albireo 22 1P Banner.png August 27th The distinguished manager of a strange restaurant
Io-Lower 22 1P Icon Io-Lower 22 1P Banner Io: October 10th

Lower: April 10th

Angels from heaven carrying out their lives
Weiß 22 1P Icon Weiß 22 1P Banner May 19th The doctor once known as darkness
Wolfgang 22 1P Icon Wolfgang 22 1P Banner December 20th A black cry echoing through the deep darkness
Usanuko 21 1P Icon Usanuko 21 1P Banner February 14th The top idol, nun
Eito 22 1P Icon File:Eito 22 1P Banner.png June 28th I'll keep the peace of the beach!
Eclipse 22 1P Icon Eclipse 22 1P Banner ? April 13th The flame of death dwelling in the black crescent moon...
Elenoa 17 1P Icon File:Elenoa 17 1P Banner.png April 18th A mysterious sniper woman
File:Kagome 7 2P Icon.png File:Kagome 7 2P Banner.png February 1st A popular poet girl full of charisma
Marisa Kirisame 22 Icon Marisa Kirisame 22 Banner Appearing from Touhou Project!
Tsukasa Kirishima 22 Icon Tsukasa Kirishima 22 Banner August 1st Appearing from Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆!
Kiryu 22 1P Icon Kiryu 22 1P Banner January 20th Wait!! You're disturbing public morals!
Glutamine 22 Icon Glutamine 22 Banner August 24th, 1909 He's a popular singer!
Goku-Sotsu-Kun 14 1P Icon File:Goku-Sotsu-Kun 14 1P Banner.png June 28th I am great! Hehehee~
Jade 22 1P Icon Jade 22 1P Banner May 31st Now...a new world is beginning
Jadeite 22 1P Icon Jadeite 22 1P Banner January 1st They've came along well, my cute students
Zizz 15 1P Icon File:Zizz 15 1P Banner.png September 9th A masked ghost gentleman
Cocona Shinonome 22 Icon Cocona Shinonome 22 Banner June 12th One of the "Coconatsu" idol twins!
Natsuhi Shinonome 22 Icon Natsuhi Shinonome 22 Banner June 12th One of the "Coconatsu" idol twins!
Syo 22 1P Icon File:Syo 22 1P Banner.png January 25th Shooting a three-pointer straight to your heart!
Suiri 22 1P Icon Suiri 22 1P Banner May 30th I'll tell you all about the latest scoop!
Sumire 22 1P Icon File:Sumire 22 1P Banner.png January 13th It's my daily task to disturb the peace of the universe!
File:Smoke 16 1P Icon.png File:Smoke 16 1P Banner.png October 24th An aloof pianist
Gerhard 22 1P Icon Gerhard 22 1P Banner June 6th A mischievous demon boy
Taiga 22 1P Icon Taiga 22 1P Banner March 27th The older brother who controls the power of earth
Takuto 22 1P Icon Takuto 22 1P Banner September 18th The piano, I no longer play it...
Kyoya Date 22 Icon Kyoya Date 22 Banner January 16th Appearing from Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆!
DTO 22 1P Icon File:DTO 22 1P Banner.png September 6th A very popular English teacher!
Toa 22 1P Icon Toa 22 1P Banner June 10th The stylist of his twin sister!
Nia 22 1P Icon Nia 22 1P Banner June 10th A melancholic diva
Nicolas 22 1P Icon Nicolas 22 1P Banner September 18th The fragile boy from the greenhouse
Nyami 22 1P Icon Nyami 22 1P Banner February 8th Speaking of pop'n...!
Harpya 22 1P Icon Harpya 22 1P Banner November 9th Playing the white sky's song
Reimu Hakurei 22 Icon Reimu Hakurei 22 Banner Appearing from Touhou Project!
Hiumi 22 1P Icon Hiumi 22 1P Banner February 15th A cool student council president who can manipulate ice
BisCo 22 Icon BisCo 22 Banner December 25th Appearing from BeatStream!
Phantom 22 1P Icon Phantom 22 1P Banner ? February 3rd Your lapis doesn't suit you...
Fuga 22 1P Icon Fuga 22 1P Banner October 23rd A reticent transfer student who manipulates wind....
Funassyi 22 Icon Funassyi 22 Banner July 4th A very popular character appears!
Black 22 1P Icon Black 22 1P Banner October 28th A boy searching for the truth in the name of revolution
Sora Hoshino 17 1P Icon Sora Hoshino 17 1P Banner July 23rd From the girl group "NIJIKKO"
Matsushita 22 Icon Matsushita 22 Banner January 29th She's a popular singer★
Michiru 22 1P Icon Michiru 22 1P Banner August 5th Leader of the idol group MesiA
Madoka 22 1P Icon Madoka 22 1P Banner December 14th the name of the topology teacher who bewilders boys
Minit's 22 1P Icon Minit's 22 1P Banner March 2nd A little girl idol at the peak of popularity★
Miho 20 1P Icon File:Miho 20 1P Banner.png November 11th I love bands! School girl
Mimi 22 1P Icon Mimi 22 1P Banner March 3rd Speaking of pop'n...!
Miyu 22 1P Icon Miyu 22 1P Banner June 14th The talented student council secretary
Milk 8 1P Icon File:Milk 8 1P Banner.png March 29th Eating up sweet love♥
Yuli 22 1P Icon Yuli 22 1P Banner September 16th A vampire awakened from his sleep
Rars 22 1P Icon Rars 22 1P Banner August 9th A soaring vocalist with fans in the stratosphere
Yuzuru 22 1P Icon Yuzuru 22 1P Banner March 13th A beautiful and dignified kyūdō ace
Lazuli 22 1P Icon Lazuli 22 1P Banner May 19th Yes, you should buy all of it together!
Ranma 22 1P Icon Ranma 22 1P Banner February 27th We've met here for the 100th year!
File:Risette 7 1P Icon.png File:Risette 7 1P Banner.png August 7th Swedish school girl
Ryuta 22 1P Icon File:Ryuta 22 1P Banner.png August 10th The best pitching boy who's full of energy and loves his job
Rinka 22 1P Icon Rinka 22 1P Banner March 31st A cute girl who controls nature
Root@Chodooken 22 1P Icon File:Root@Chodooken 22 1P Banner.png January 4th @A certain member of the Super-powered Donut Research Lab Staff
Retsu 22 1P Icon Retsu 22 1P Banner October 24th He's the hero who controls fire!
Roki 22 1P Icon File:Roki 22 1P Banner.png December 21st The queen of a high family who lives deep in the forest
Roku 22 1P Icon Roku 22 1P Banner June 9th The wandering hip rock samurai

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