pop'n music 2 original soundtrack ★ new songs collection
Pop'n Music 2 original soundtrack new songs collection CoverPop'n Music 2 original soundtrack new songs collection Case back
Release Date Publisher Tracks Length Price Catalog No.
1999/11/18 KONAMI Digital Entertainment 34 1:11:04 ¥2,243 KMCA-29~43

pop'n music 2 original soundtrack ★ new songs collection is the first and only pop'n music 2 soundtrack to be released. It is a single disc containing 34 tracks, with 6 long versions and 1 extra track.

Track ListEdit

No. Title Genre Artist Length Preview
01 すてきなタブーラ MASARAマサラ TABAN KING 01:51
Sutekina Tabla 2 Preview
02 光の季節 MELLOWメロウ ANNA 01:49
Hikari no Kisetsu 2 Preview
03 LOVE FIRE IDOL GIRLアイドルガール 長沢ゆりか 01:34
LOVE FIRE 2 Preview
04 (fly higher than) the stars NEO ACOネオアコ sugi&reo 01:29
(fly higher than) the stars 2 Preview
05 WHITE BIRDS VISUALヴィジュアル Violent age 01:29
06 ROSE~恋人よ薔薇色に染まれ DIGI ROCKデジロック BROKE 01:31
ROSE ~Koibito yo, Barairo ni Somare 2 Old Preview
07 What i want (EURO MIX) EURO QUEENユーロクィーン T·R·S 1:30
What i want (EURO MIX) 2 Preview
08 お江戸花吹雪 ENKAエンカ 高田香里 01:34
Oedo Hanafubuki 2 Preview
09 はばたけ、ザ・グレートギャンブラー ANIME HERO RアニメヒーローR さくし RYO うた 水木一郎 01:37
Habatake, The Great Gambler 2 Preview
10 Smile The Night Away POP RAPポップラップ Scotty D. 01:32
Smile The Night Away 2 Preview
11 Love Is Strong To The Sky GIRLYガーリィ SAORI 01:32
Love Is Strong To The Sky 2 Preview
12 I'm on fire HEAVY METALヘビーメタル AD/DA 01:35
I'm on Fire 2 Preview
13 Cherry & Raquel LOUNGEラウンジ The Ebisu Singers 01:28
Cherry & Raquel 2 Preview
SAYONARA 2 Preview
15 Prism♡Heart URBAN POPアーバンポップ Sana 01:35
Prism Heart 2 Preview
16 Don't Disturb NEW WAVEニューウェーブ Color Essence 01:38
Don't Disturb 2 Preview
17 取り返してやる!~Again,My Lovely Day~ CUTEキュート Akko's 01:27
Torikaeshite yaru! ~Again, My Lovely Day~ 2 Preview
18 E.C.M. AKIBAアキバ PAPEHINA meets Haya-P 01:36
E.C.M. 2 Preview
19 Give me your pain CANDY POPキャンディポップ Haya-P & Maru 01:39
Give me your pain 2 Preview
20 R.C. CLASSICAL 2クラシック2 Waldeus von dovjak 01:33
R.C. 2 Preview
21 走れブン!ブン! NEW FOLKニューフォーク わがまま7 01:32
Hashire Bun! Bun! 2 Preview
22 Theme of staff roll ~special mix~ LIVEライブ きまぐれポッパーズ 02:08
Theme of staff roll ~special mix~ 2 Preview
23 麗しのカーディガン CARIBカリブ Akko's 01:39
Uruwashi no Cardigan 2 Preview
24 PULSE FUNNYファニー 319 01:34
PULSE 2 Preview
25 淋しくてLoneliness SEXY GIRLSセクシーガールズ ワンダース 1:36
Sabishikute Loneliness 2 Preview
26 Bee's Eye AVANT GARDEアバンギャルド Waldeus von dovjak 01:32
Bee's Eye 2 Preview
27 Miracle Moon(お月様が中継局) J-GARAGE POPJ-ガラージポップ Togo Project featuring Sana 01:44
Miracle Moon (Otsukisama ga Chuukeikyoku) 2 Preview
28 theme of staff roll ~poppers live II~ 02:24
Theme of staff roll ~poppers live II~ 2 Preview
Long Versions
29 (fly higher than) the stars ~long version~ NEO ACOネオアコ sugi&reo 04:31
(fly higher than) the stars ~long version~ 2 Preview
30 PULSE ~long version~ FUNNYファニー 319 04:02
PULSE ~long version~ 2 Preview
30 淋しくてLoneliness ~long version~ SEXY GIRLSセクシーガールズ ワンダース 04:22
Sabishikute Loneliness ~long version~ 2 Preview
30 Love Is Strong To The Sky ~long version~ GIRLYガーリィ SAORI 03:49
Love Is Strong To The Sky ~long version~ 2 Preview
30 光の季節 ~long version~ MELLOWメロウ ANNA 04:12
Hikari no Kisetsu ~long version~ 2 Preview
31 SAYONARA ~long version~ J-R&B ANNA 04:24
SAYONARA ~long version~ 2 Preview


Producer: Shigeru Fukutake
Director: Masakazu Abe
A&R: Yukihiko Yamaguchi

Promote: Masato Asanuma, Tetsuro Kaneko, Takayuki Ogura, Yasuyuki Tanaka, and Kiyohito Waki
Sales-Promotion: Yutaka Watanabe

Art Direction: Citroen Matsuda
Design: Junko Koike
Visual Co-ordinate: Shigeru Sasaka

Mastering Studio: Hitokuchizaka studio
Mastering Engineer: Kazushi Kyogoku
Special Thanks To: "pop'n music2" all staff, KONAMI GM Division, KING Records SEKIGUCHIDAI Studio, Seiji Kaneko, KONAMI HOMEPAGE


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