プロキオン / Purokion

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Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday March 1st[1]
Birthplace Village of Canis Minor[2]
Hobby Improving my sword skills
Likes All of the fireworks in town
Dislikes Negative feelings
pop'n music Sunny Park
Theme Song(s)
Fantasia Fusion

Procyon is a character first appearing in pop'n music Sunny Park. He's a young boy who enjoys adventuring, and is always hoping to learn and see new things. He works hard to improve his skills with his sword and hopes to grow stronger.


Procyon has brown eyes and dark blond spiked hair. He wears a green shirt with yellow sections and orange shorts with a brown belt, along with a light yellow cape with a paw print cut-out. His gloves and boots are light brown, and he has a steel headband and earmuffs resembling dog ears.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  Is it decided!?
Damage  I'm still good...
Good Play  Look out!
Bad Play  As such...
Win  Cool?
Lose  Don't give up...

Character IntroductionEdit

Character InfoEdit

pop'n music Sunny Park[3]
Procyon 21 Profile 冒険の旅でたくさんのものに触れて、プロキオンはちゃんと大きく、強くなれたみたい。


Experiencing many things while adventuring, Procyon is fairly great, but he wants to be stronger.

I want everyone to see how quickly my appearance has changed.

Designer CommentsEdit

pop'n music Sunny Park[3]


戦いよりも、旅をしていろんなものをしっかり見て成長していく、というのを表現したかったので、『騎士』という割に剣のアクションを控えめにしてみました。早めの曲でしたが、走るより大地を踏みしめる感じにしたかったので歩かせたり。 故郷に帰ってそれからどうなるのーとストーリーの続きがとても気になりますね。すてきな楽曲をありがとうございました!

— eimy
Not yet translated.


  • Procyon shares his birthday with Dino and Silent Room.
  • Procyon is named after the star Procyon, a part of the Canis Minor constellation. The dog motifs of his design relate to the constellations name, meaning "lesser dog".


See Procyon/Gallery.

Notes & ReferencesEdit

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