スマイル / Sumairu

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Species Poltergeist
Birthday February 18th[1]
Home Marchen Kingdom[2]
Hobby Singing to my guitar-playing
Likes Gambler Z, curry
Dislikes Being mistaken for a mummy, parks with pigeons
pop'n music 4
pop'n music 9 (ee'MALL)
pop'n music 12 いろは
pop'n music éclale
Theme Song(s)
Inuchiyo (4)
ちっひ (Iroha and éclale)

Smile is a character first appearing in pop'n music 4. Moving place to place before joining the Deuil, he is made out to be a ghastly, troublesome spirit using his invisibility to his advantage. Not so lucky is Smile's susceptibility to attacks from birds, one resulting in eye trauma.[3]


Smile represents the invisible man archetype solidified by Griffin from the 1897 horror fiction novel The Invisible Man; transparent and clad only in bandages under a trenchcoat. His livid skin, beady red eyes and untamed, blue hair were recreated with makeup.[3] Some other cover-ups include ear piercings, boots and gloves.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  Huhuhuhuh...
Damage  This is bad...
Good Play  Hee hee
Bad Play  Whoopsy-daisy!
Win  Hehehehe!
Lose  Wrong!

Town Mode LinesEdit

 You met Ash and Yuli or no?
 So you didn't yet...
 Ash's getting something to eat at the store,
 and I'm pretty sure Yuli's on a walk.
Hii hii hii...

Hii hii hii.
 The Deuil's bass,
 I'm Smile.

 Thought my transparency'd keep you from sniffin' me out -
 I'm dressed like this so I can be in sight.
 I've been waiting for you.
 Next time we meet, I hope you'll be able
 to see me. Hii hii hii...

 Ooops. Wouldn't you like a hint
 for all your hard work?
 Yuli's in a western-looking house
 and Ash's at the butcher shop.
 You think I'm messin' around? Do you?

Character IntroductionEdit

Character InfoEdit

pop'n music 4[4]
Smile 4 Profile ステージ上ではクールだけど『Deuil』のメンバー一ひょうきん者な透明人間さ。


He might look cool on-stage, but he's a jokester invisible man and a member of the "Deuil."

Matter of fact, he's got a habit of humming a strange song to himself while his fans can't see him.

pop'n music 12 いろは[5]
Smile 12 Profile 長い長い夢から覚めたら、あれれ?頭から葉っぱが!


The moment he opened his eyes from a long, long dream... wha? There's leaves comin' outta my head!

Don't look like this potion's turning me back to normal...

pop'n music éclale[6]
Smile 23 Profile ヤァヤァ、みんな見えてるかい?


He-hey, can y'all see me?

I guess you can say I made a living fooling around... hii hii hii... I'm just oozing with fun...

Designer CommentsEdit

pop'n music 4[4]
『Deuil』の3人目です。最初に聞いたホラーはちゃんとホラーな感じでしたが…出来上がったら180度方向の違う曲になっていて慌てましたよ。とりあえず女の子やヘビーポッパーじゃない人でも簡単に見つけてもらえるようにとお願いして、一番簡単な条件設定にしてもらいました。まだ見ていない方は見て下さいね。 The third member of the "Deuil." The second I heard "horror," I went on to make it in a way that it'd strike people as horror... but freaked out when the song had turned 180 degrees the other way once it was set to go. For the time being I was a girl not really a heavy Popper, but I got what I wanted. I had it down with the simplest setup I got. If you hadn't seen it yet, please take a look.

pop'n music 12 いろは[5]


This was the perfect opportunity to bring him back at last - so I did it in style! I thought up leaves, obake... and all kinds of stuff I could go on about, but this suited him better so we just went with that.

With how popular Halloween's been, I see a kid in a costume here and there - a witch, a princess... little kids' dress-ups are just the cutest things!
How I wish there'd been Halloween when I was little~
I was making animations for a stage that didn't have a song yet - then, having heard what's in the song, a teeny obake ready to burst out seemed just perfect! It was.


pop'n music éclale[6]





After a long time since his last appearance, Smile is here.

Tons of votes in the poll went to his revival - the Pop'n character that made them the happiest. A thousand thanks to you all!

A lot of them demanded for him to "be in a cool costume," so Yuli along with Smile and his bass guitar in their clothing from his Lapistoria animations in a very éclale-like look were all crammed in together. But with everyone throwing me their requests, I was wondering if it'll be cool enough.
And if you're asking what that skeleton's doing on his head - I just had to make Smile go out after all this time in style. I went through hats, caps, accessories and other objects, and the skeleton suited him the best - everything before just looked bad after it...
If I had added it later, I'd have the type down - but Smile would've went on without it, and I put his pace in the animations first and foremost.
The music was a side-by-side production by the much-hyped Akhuta, which I put Smile with while having no idea how the song'll go. What Akhuta put out for Smile was so much different than what I had been rooting for, making me surprised!

I was confused as to why it couldn't come with those big illustrations... we were trying our best - how'd we catch onto Smile right there?
I'd really appreciate if you all got a kick out of the Pop'n animations!



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