Space Maco
スペースマコ / Supēsu Mako

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Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday October 14th[1]
Home Japan?[2]
Hobby Being in love
Likes Se-cr-et ♥
Dislikes I don't have things like that
Theme Song(s)
Unknown (Pop'n Stage)
tera (pop'n music 10)

Space Maco is a character first appearing in Pop'n Stage. Maco was chosen as the Magical Princess of the Marchen Kingdom. Using the large pendant on her neck, the "Technical Magical My Compact (テクニカル・マジカル・マイ・コンパクト)", she can transform into Space Maco, protecting Earth and fighting evildoers using her special "Space★Attack".[3] She's rarely seen without her rabbit partner Patty. It's been rumored that she's been chasing after a certain American...


Space Maco is a young girl with bright blue hair styled into two pigtails, blue eyes, and a pink dress with a white collar. She also wears orange shoes with white kneesocks and a large orange pendant with a yellow star design.

NET Taisen Lines

Attack  Hahaha☆☆
Damage  Nooo
Good Play  *hums* ♪
Bad Play  Hmph
Win  Yahoo
Lose  Disappointing

Character Introduction

Character Info

Pop'n Stage[2]
Space Maco PS Profile 髪の色がそれっぽいとゆーアバウトな理由で、メルヘン王国の使者にマジカルプリンセスに選ばれたラッキーガール。魔法の力で今日も地球を守ってるんだよ。最近どこかのアメリカンのおっかけをしているってウワサだけど…? It seems her hair is that color for a reason, the lucky girl was chosen as the magical princess of the Fairy Tale Kingdom with a messenger. Today they have to protect Earth with magic powers. It's been rumored she's chasing after an American somewhere...?

Designer Comments

pop'n music 10[4]
Space Maco 10 Profile 担当は私なのですが、アニメ動画は別の人なのです。(クドイほど書きますが、気になる人はゲームのスタッフロールをチェックしよう)  なんとなく動きがこれまでのマコより大きいなーとか思って制作してたら、チームの面々から「デカくない?髪」というツッコミ多数。



— tera
Not yet translated.


  • Although Space Maco's name is split by a symbol resembling Saturn, most official sites and song lists use the "@" symbol instead.
    • On the Pop'n Stage site, a star is used instead, making her name appear as SPACE★MACO.
  • Space Maco received her own website, containing the lyrics to her theme song, early sketches, and two comics. It can be viewed here.
    • An additional section, titled "Maco's Secret" also appears on the website, but remains inaccessible.


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