スティーブ / Suteiibu

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Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday September 1st[1]
Home Chicago[2]
Hobby Cooking my original recipe for vegetable juice
Likes Puzzles like crosswords and Sudoku
Dislikes Rubbernecks
pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE
Theme Song(s)

Steve is a character first appearing in pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE. He is a firefighter who is always on the lookout, hence his alignment with Disaster Prevention Day.


Despite taking place in an American setting, Steve dons a firefighter uniform with Japanese-inspired helmet flaps. He has an air tank strapped to his back and a face shield veils his blue eyes and bandaged cheek, attached to his black helmet that reads "QMA 17," although the "QMA" is omitted in his animations. Steve additionally has a blonde burr cut that his helmet conceals.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  Come onnn!
Damage  I need backup!
Good Play  Gotcha!
Bad Play  Aaah!
Win  That was close
Lose  If only I had extinguished it

25  Drainage[3]

Character IntroductionEdit

Character InfoEdit

pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE[4]
Steve 17 Profile 日夜眠らない町を災害から守るスペシャリスト。


A specialist who never rests to protect the town day and night from disaster.

Since the duty's very hard, he's willing to spend a leisurely day-off.

Designer CommentsEdit

pop'n music 17 THE MOVIE[4]

ワンクッションおいて戦争カメラマンや衛生兵とかは? いっそローマ時代までさかのぼれば生々しくなくなる? なにかこの曲の緊迫感を表せる切り口はないかな?とかなり悩んだのですが、 mayoさんが消防士は?と提案してくれて「それだー!!」と一筋の光明が…! まさにこの曲のラストシーンの気持ちでした。パァアァ… 意外とポップン初の職業でした。改めて、過酷で立派なお仕事だなーと。むかし消防署の近くに住んでたのですが、いつも見かけるたび走ったり訓練していた隊員さんを思い出しつつ、常に前傾姿勢で駆けつける熱いお兄さんのデザインがさくっと決まりました。あとはムービーだし、いつにないハリウッド並みのすんげーアクションや、すんげー爆発を作ってもらおう! と意気ごんで指定書したためました。またもや後で自分の首絞めましたが、MISSとかすごくかっこいいのでよかったです。ちなみに最初彼の前髪は長かったのですが、みんなからmasaruさんに似てるーと言われ、あと髪が長いと中で蒸れそうだな~と坊主に変えました。

あとマジSKAでおなじみな小野隊長に「マジックアカデミーとの関連性もちょっとだけほしいなぁー」とリクエストされ、ちょうど負けアクションをどうしたら重くないオチになるかなーと悩んでいたところなので、渡りに船!と ルキア&ユリちゃんに特別出演してもらって「あれは魔法の炎だから~」な落ちに。ゆるっと。やっぱりちょっと唐突過ぎましたが、そんなわけでした。 QMAチームと理事長の皆さん、ありがとうございました。 shio

You'll get Dp.Honda's music that've been in things like Metal Gear - I believe this one's going to be a war movie, as I was told, and it's not as unpleasant and impossible as you think it is...

Did the war photographers, medics and such share one cushion?
Rather, we go back to when the Roman Empire declined, in full detail?
Doesn't it express a share of the thrills within in this song? I'm not as worried as I was before... but a fireman, Mayo? I went "it's overrr!" when that shined upon me...!
Just like how the last part of the song rubs off on you. (sigh...)
That's the first time Pop'n had a character with that job. Again, the work struck me as demanding and satisfying. Long ago, I lived near a fire department - I remember always seeing the specialists running all the time, always rushing over to quickly help a scorched young man from a building. When the movie was finished, it wasn't just any another Hollywood production with tons of action, it's gonna have tons of explosions! A letter of designation was written up with spirit. Another one choked him later - the Miss animation and all looked really cool so it was good. I'd like to add that his bangs used to be longer - everyone said it looked like Masaru - then I made his hair shaved, he would have been sweating if it were long.

MAJI-SKA, better known as Hideyuki Ono, had requested "I kinda want there to be a reference to Magic Academy," just when we didn't know what to put for the loss animation - a life-saver! Rukia and Lily make a special appearance, "it's the fire's magic~" they further say. Sit back. Just as I thought, it was a little too sudden - that was it.
To the QMA team and all its chairmen, thank you.



  • Steve is based on Stephen McCaffery from the American film Backdraft, which has enjoyed popularity in Japan.
  • Steve was going to have longer bangs,[4] but the idea was scrapped because of its impracticality.
  • Steve shares his birthday with Shinobianko.
    • His birthdate is a reference to Disaster Prevention Day in Japan, which commemorates the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake and raises awareness for disaster prevention.
  • The "QMA" on Steve's helmet and his Lose animation featuring characters called Rukia and Lily are references to Quiz Magic Academy from Konami, and his theme re-arranges one of its OST.
    • The "17" engine company number represents The Movie and 17th District of Chicago from Backdraft.


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