Tsukasa Kirishima
霧島 司 / Kirishima Tsuakasa
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Tsukasa Kirishima 22

Gender Male
Species Human
Birthday August 1st[1]
Home Tokimeki Restaurant ☆☆☆[2]
Hobby Movies, reading
Likes Healthy, light food with vegetables
Dislikes Junk food
pop'n music ラピストリア
pop'n music うさぎと猫と少年の夢
Theme Song(s)
Show Up!

Tsukasa Kirishima is a character from Tokimeki Restaurant☆☆☆, making his pop'n music debut in pop'n music ラピストリア. Tsukasa is the leader of the group 3 Majesty with his fellow members Shinnosuke Otowa and Kaito Tsuji. He enjoys karate and dancing, and is currently attending university. He's voiced by Daisuke Namikawa.[3]

In pop'n music ラピストリア, Tsukasa carries the white diamond lapis.White Diamond Lapis


Tsukasa has dark blond messy hair, blue eyes, and wears a uniform consisting of a white coat with a gold shoulder pad and cross zippers, a black shirt underneath, black fingerless gloves, white pants with a matching belt, and black shoes.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  I'll give it my all!
Damage  That was unexpected...!
Good Play  I have to focus
Bad Play  That's not it
Win  ...My strategy was right
Lose  What caused my defeat?


  • Tsukasa Kirishima shares his birthday with Aya, Natsubo, TangTang, Hara=Hetta, Temari, Really, and Yang-Yang's.
  • Shinnosuke and Kaito appear in Tsukasa's Fever, Fever Win, and Win animations.
  • Tsukasa has no 2P palette.
  • Tsukasa is 185 cm (6'1") and has type AB blood.[3]


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