うさぬこ / Usanuko
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Usanuko 22

Gender Female
Species Human
Birthday February 14th[1]
Home Saitama[2]
Hobby Talking with my fairy Usa-tan nun ♥
Likes Fluffy things, with a bit of glitter nun~ ♥
Dislikes Nattō nu ↓↓↓(´Д`;)[3]
pop'n music Sunny Park
pop'n music ラピストリア
Theme Song(s)
恋は渾沌の隷也 (TV/Anime)

Usanuko is a character first appearing in pop'n music Sunny Park. She is described as having delusions of being an idol and starts a small rivalry with Nia in her story Usanuko VS Nia Match 3 (うさぬこVSニア3番勝負) from pop'n music ラピストリア, she tends to end her sentences with "nu" or "nun" and is often shown drooling or biting her nails. The rabbit in her hair is actually a fairy, who she refers to as "Usa-tan". In pop'n music ラピストリア she carries the green heart lapis Green Heart Lapis .


Usanuko has long bright red hair, decorated with a purple bow near the bottom and a green one atop her head with a yellow rabbit and small crown. She wears a green dress with a large cyan bow at the top and a white apron. Her shoes and socks are mismatched, wearing a pink flat with a yellow sock on her right foot and a blue tennis shoe with a pink stocking on her left. She has heterochromia as well, with one eye colored green and the other colored yellow.

NET Taisen LinesEdit

Attack  Let's go nuu ♥
Damage  Aargh nu↓
Good Play  (´ε`)♪
Bad Play  (`皿´)/
Win  Horaay nun ♥
Lose  *sobbing* nu

Character IntroductionEdit

Character Info

pop'n music ラピストリア[4]
Usanuko 22 Profile 宇宙に☆はみだす☆ファンタジィーことぉ~…うさぬこだぬっっ!


A fantasy ☆ going beyond ☆ space~'s Usanuko-danuuu!

Tearing through stardom ☆
Are you coming along-nuu?

pop'n music Sunny Park[5]
Usanuko 21 Profile ギャラクシーのトップアイドルことぉ~・・・うさぬこだぬっっ♥


The top idol of the galaxy~'s Usanuko-danuuu ♥

Today everyone and nun nun danu~n ♥ nun ♥

Designer Comments

pop'n music Sunny Park[5]

ふむふむ・・・妄想アイドルなのね・・・まだ駆け出しなのかしら・・・? 勘違いなんてノンノンノン、呆れられても輝く、ハイテンション・・・。 きっと、皆大好き皆もうさぬこ大好き脳内の色んな成分大放出いっつもハッピーな乙女なんだわ! というわけで、お目々グルグルなカラフルガールになりました♪

久々のポップンアニメが嬉くて嬉しくて、沢山動かすぞ~っと鼻息荒く作っていたら・・・気が付けばうさぬこがビヨヨンと枠から飛び出してました。 いけないいけない、、完成品は枠におさまっている(はず)です。


Not yet translated.


  • Usanuko shares her birthday with Rie-chan and One.
  • Usanuko didn't receive new animations in pop'n music ラピストリア, only new artwork. Because of this, her pop'n music ラピストリア self is considered a separate palette to her pop'n music Sunny Park 1P, despite sharing the same animations.
    • Usanuko's 2P palette didn't receive any new artwork.
  • Usanuko received a 3P palette in pop'n music Sunny Park, only available by inputting the lucky code found on the Everyone's Friends! (みぃんなお友達!) rare card.
    • Initially, a bug caused a placeholder image of the kanji to appear when using the Chara-Pop ojama as her 3P. Her artwork was also incorrect, showing her with green and blue eyes and a yellow tennis shoe. Both have since been fixed.
    • As of pop'n music éclale, her 3P is available by default.


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